Mar 16th, 2012

The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament has just gotten underway- excited? Just like picking your next gadget, there are a lot of choices to make when filling out your bracket. What sets apart the decent teams from the perennial powerhouses? What teams will make it deep into the big dance?

To help answer that question, we’ve enlisted the help of NVIDIA who are providing us 2 ASUS Transformer Prime’s to giveaway along with 2 docks. Color? Amethyst grey. Size? 32GB. in this contest.

And if you think about it, elite teams and elite processors are a lot alike.

Speed & Hustle
Great teams are fast. They think fast. They move fast. They react fast.  So fast that it appears to be natural; a matter of instinct. The same goes for gadgets: fast gadgets that operate quickly, smoothly, and instantaneously are always the better bet. In both cases (teams/gadgets), talent and power can make the job seem effortless, but we’re smart enough to know how much work it takes to achieve this level of play. NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processors offer a level of speed and power that many would say is unmatched in the mobile world.

Endurance, Depth, & Teamwork.
Being fast is great, but if a 30-second sprint leaves your best player out of commission, your team is in a world of trouble.  Successful basketball teams have players conditioned to play hard for a lot of minutes, and the best teams have great players coming off the bench to fill in. In terms of processors, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 Quad-Core devices have an unmatched level of endurance and depth.

Tegra 3 powered devices like the ASUS Transformer Prime have 4 cores. Like any good team, the cores work together to help balance the workload, accomplishing much more as a team than they could alone. The four cores use a lot of energy, but both endurance and depth are drastically increased by NVIDIA’s “player off the bench”. Tegra 3 devices have a 5th core designed to claim the entire workload for tasks that require low power, allowing their star players to rest. When the big boys aren’t needed, the 5th core kicks in. That means longer battery life and a better user experience. Endurance, depth, and teamwork.

Passion (Love for the Game)
Talent is often wasted when people don’t seem to care enough. When they don’t have that fire, that spark; the desire and need to win. Some would call it the love for the game. If there is one thing NVIDIA has, it’s a love for gaming. NVIDIA works directly with game developers to build games that exploit the power and opportunity of Tegra 3 devices. The result? Over 20 games that are of console quality, running smooth as ever.

The video doesn’t do the games justice. Pick up a Tegra 3 device, play a powered by Tegra game, and be wowed. It’s truly amazing stuff. Beautiful, crisp, clear, fast. Gamers will truly love Tegra 3 powered devices like the Transformer Prime and this love for gaming makes NVIDIA, their products, and their customers all winners.

The Four Core Teams Contest
To celebrate the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, we’re running a contest where TWO lucky readers will win a Tegra 3 powered ASUS Transformer Prime. Narrowing down from 64 teams to 4 teams takes it down to the core. With NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor you’ve got 4 cores, plus one core coming off the bench in the clutch. If College Basketball teams were powered by processors, I’m betting the final rounds would have a lot of four core Tegra 3 in them.

So that’s your goal: select which Men’s College Basketball teams will make it the semi-finals of the NCAA tournament. Or as we call the teams, the Four Cores.

Here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment on this article that includes (1) The 4 teams you believe will make it to the semi-finals, and (2) Include a few sentences why YOU should win the Transformer Prime and why the teams you selected have Tegra 3 Four-Core power (for the tiebreaker).
  • One entry per person, additional entries will be disqualified
  • Must be 18 years old with United States postal address to claim prize
  • Deadline to submit entry is 11:59PM Eastern Time on March 16th, 2012
  • Two winners will be selected once the semi-finalists of the College Basketball Tournament have been announced
  • Each winner will receive a 32GB Amethyst Grey ASUS Transformer Prime and a dock
  • Winner will be identified as the person who correctly identifies the most teams that actually make the semi-finals. In case of a tie, winner will be selected from these finalists by the Phandroid staff and at the sole discretion of the staff.
  • Winners will have one week to respond to the contact E-Mail and if no response is received a replacement winner will be selected.
  • Phandroid staff reserves the right to update, edit, or change the rules as they see fit and disqualify any contestants they deem ineligible for any reason.

Good luck and let the four core picking begin!

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