MIUI File Explorer App Cracked To Work On All Devices [Download]


Let me tell you a little something about me. I love MIUI. It’s probably — yep, it is — it’s my most favorite gosh-darn ROM in the whole wide world of webernets and all that. Aside from just its sexy good looks, some of the things I loved about the MIUI were all of its amazing custom apps. One of my faves? Mi File Explorer. It was one of the nicest, cleanest, smooth and full featured file explorer apps I’ve used to this day. Well, up until now, you couldn’t just extract the app and push it into any ‘ol ROM (or on your stock device) — believe me, I tried.

But thankfully, Apooonet — a crafty dev over on XDA — has found a way to get MIUI’s world famous file explorer app running on just about every device under the sun and provided it free of charge. Can’t ask for more than that. If you want to give it a-go, you can find the app via the download link below, and make sure to stay tuned to Appooonet’s XDA thread where he will be working on updates in the future.

Download: MiFile Explorer v2.3.7.23


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. DOES IT UNZIP FILES????!?!?

    1. It will unzip your wildest dreams and calm all your fears… 

      1.  Better not unzip my girl…. I’ll be PISSED……..

        1. Its best not to keep your blow up dolls in dufflebag, zipper might cause a tear.

          1. Asian’s comment was borderline inappropriate… until you just appropriated it! Good burn!

  2. Thank you! I always loved miui on my old EVO!

  3. I’ll sideload this on my nook color =D

  4. Force closes on exhibit 2 :/

  5. Chris will it walk my dog and fight dragons!?

    1. Walk, feed and fight. But it wont clean up after your dog. It’s not magic, bruh.. O_o

    2.  Fus…Ro Dah!

  6. the whole rom is amazing. MIUI reborn my galaxy nexus. i love it, smooth, fast, and so many themes. it turned my boring lock screen into a beautiful lock screen. even call screen is amazing. 

    even battery life improved. i freaken love this rom now. 

    1. more SS

      1. more! i love this rom haha 

        1. this rom gave me a reason to stay on android. lov’n it!!! 

          1. Don’t stop. O_o

          2.  That’s what she said.

            Yeah, you tee’d it up and I couldn’t resist dammit ;)

      2. what theme is that?

      3. Where did you get that city wallpaper?  Link please!

        1. The wp come with the theme. All those theme can be found inside the miui ROM theme app.

    2. more yay!

  7. I’m not all that thrilled by the stock MIUI visual experience, but some of the theme work on display throughout the community is stunning.

    The ROM itself is pretty brilliant as well. I’d left it recently after having it run my EVO 4G since last fall and there really isn’t much else that compares to it, in my opinion. 

    (That said, I’m still awaiting the one ICS ROM to rule them all.)

  8. Is it able to gain root priveledges?
    No root access and it’s worthless to me in all honesty.
    I don’t need more then 1 file explorer.

    1. If you have root, you can access and mess around with system files, yes. =)

      1. NICE, Ill have to take a look then. Thanks Chris. Your not as bad as they say.. ;)

        Btw, I don’t know if it’s been mentioned. I sent in a tip on monday about google wallet being able to reauthorize prepaid card again. Havn’t seen any mention of it tho. Or maybe I just got lucky and only I was able to get my card back..?

        1. I think this started rolling out since the week before that, no? Or is this a newer development? 

          1. I don’t recall seeing anything about it anywhere, but I may have over looked it. I remember a couple Google Wallet updates, but none of those resolved the issue. New cards were able to be issued, but not pre existing ones. I always got some message sayin unavailable and to try again later.

            I tried reactivating my prepaid card pretty much every day after my dumb a** had to do a full wipe and was never able to get my card back since the “security issue” but on monday I was able to get my google prepaid card reissued back to my account.

            It might have been old new, but like I said. I don’t recall hearing/reading about it anywhere. Last post I remember was about the GW warning message to users about Rooted devices being unsupported etc, but the issue wasn’t fixed then either. Just that warning message was added to the top of the app for rooted devices.

  9. Huawei Ascend

  10. I am right there with you Chris.  Miui is the reason I stay on android.  I used to run CM, but once you get used to the layout and operation of Miui it is incredible what you can do with it!  Currently sporting a Chinese new year theme with the dragon/pearl 4 way lockscreen on a nexus one.   

  11. Force closes on modded UnNamed 1.3.2 ROM on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II.

  12. unable to get FTP service started.
    so while cute and good looking, just another file explorer to me.

  13. Review of it here

  14. didn’t work. installation aborted. :-(  On AT&T SG2 running CM9.

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