Motorola Updates Official ICS Timetable – Not Looking So Good For US Droid Razrs, Bionics and Droid 4’s


Motorola has recently updated their Android 4.0 upgrade schedule for a handful of their devices and while some look to be right on track for that Q2 Ice Cream Sandwich update, others — like the US Motorola Droid Razr — have completely fallen off the map. You can see in the image above, the Asian version of many of their devices are currently in the “development phase” and will be receiving their ICS fix beginning in the second quarter of this year, just a few short months away.

Unfortunately, for many US Motorola customers, ICS is still in the “evaluation and planning” stages with an estimated time of arrival to be announced sometime later. I know that doesn’t sound too optimistic at the moment and while I’m sure many Moto users out there are already making “loud noises,” keep in mind nowhere does the table say Android 4.0 wont hit these devices in Q2. So, there’s still a chance. Right? For more info and device listings, hit up the Motorola Forums link below

[Motorola Forums]

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  1. Lovin the middle finger given to Droid X2 users…………….

    1. They’re getting the same treatment as the other Moto users (hit up the Motorola link for more devices) 

      1. I know, and personally, I still love Motorola. Best build quality phones. The whole bootloader and upgrade debacle is very annoying, but i don’t see myself switching manufacturers anytime soon.

        1. Why would you knowingly support a company that has flat out lied to their customers?

          1. dumb consumers are the reason why companies do this..because consumers still give them money.

        2. I agree that they have the best hardware available for phones (in most cases) but I have bought my last Moto device ever. My next phone will not be from Moto, just because of their lies and their lack of support for the development community.

    2. There’s a soak test right now for the X2, although not ICS, it’s something.  I’ll take some bug fixes.

    3.  Motorola gives the middle finger to nearly ALL it’s users, this has been proven time and again. It saddens me that I won’t ever get the opportunity to choose a Moto device because they seem solid hardware, but there’s no way I will deal with a company that locks up it’s bootloaders, lies about updates, and abandons users with broken software that no-one else is able to fix.

    4. Why would you buy a 3G phone during the year of 4G LTE ??
      As much as I wanted a tegra2 phone last year (see Bionic fiasco), I waited because having no 4G made it DOA.

      1. 2012 is not the year of 4G… VZW wont have total coverage until end of 2013 (their words)… some people are waiting for coverage to come to their area before they get locked in for two years on a phone they can only “half” use.

        1. Firstly, the Droid X2 was released in June of 2011. I was talking about 2011.

          Verizon has been marketing their LTE nonstop for atleast a year now. I consistently get between 20-30Mbps download on my Galaxy Nexus in the Boston area. It also works great for me 30 miles away.

          The fact that their rolling out coverage in urban areas first makes the most sense, as they typically use smartphones more rigorously.

          But even if you don’t have 4G/LTE in your area, you should know that the newer products/features are simply more relevant when it comes to regular maintenance. Same in any industry.

          … when that phone came out I was with a different employer that heavily subsidized employee purchases of it (because they had a chip in it), but I and many others passed on it entirely (for the reasons above).

          The few that I know that did get X2 though still enjoy it as a terrific upgrade when coming from the OG Droid. There will always be something new and shiny …

  2. No matter… I have already tried the Alpha of CM9 on my Droid 4, and it works quite well. Motorola might take a while to get the update out, but I am confident I’ll be running ICS before the year is out thanks to a wonderful community!

  3. trolorola strikes again

    1. I wouldn’t put ALL the blame on Motorola…

      1. I put the blame on the crappy system we have in the US, everybody and there mom wants to touch the software on these phones before it gets to the consumer. its complete BS

        1. It also has to do with liability. A lot of testing has to be done on these phones for each update and the updates aren’t revenue for anyone involved. The manufacturers and networks need to figure out how make money somehow out of the whole process.

          1. They do make money. When happy customers go back to the wireless store and purchase another one of their phones due to their stellar service and timely upgrades. Which is why I jumped ship from Moto with my recent upgrade.

          2. then how do they get updates so quick in europe? in my opinion the quicker they get it out the less money they waist because man hours are the number 1 expense in almost anything nowadays

      2. No, Chris, you’re wrong on this one.  Motorola sold Razrs in November in part by promising a quick ICS upgrade.  Their promises came in official tweets and interviews by company officials.  Now we’re about three months after the ICS source code was released, and Motorola is prioritizing just about everything else over their supposedly flagship US phones.  There is no way to reach any conclusion other than that Motorola believes in fraud to sell phones and doesn’t give a damn about its customers.  I like my Razr, but I like honesty more and will have to think hard about whether I ever want to be a Motorola customer again.

        1. Evaluation and Planning doesn’t mean later than devices that are already scheduled. I’m guessing they’re trying to figure out exactly how fast they can get the update out before they announce any dates. I have to think the Droid line is going to be the priority. I mean, they can’t be so stupid as to not prioritize their flagship devices… right?

          I don’t know. When Gingerbread rolled out, Motorola did a better than average job getting their high-end devices updated quickly.

        2. We’re actually exactly 4 months into when the source code was released, and about 5 months from when the SDK was released, but you’re right on all counts otherwise. 

        3.  I feel for you Josh, I really do. People have got burned so many times over the last couple of years believing Moto’s promises.
          You know the company has an image problem when any time Moto says ANYTHING, I now automatically assume it’s a lie until proved otherwise.

        4. There is no way to reach any conclusion other than that Motorola believes in fraud to sell phones ”  Seriously?  No other possible conclusion than fraud?  It’s not possible that business needs change?  It’s not possible that the carriers have since decided to go in a different direction?  It’s not possible that any number of circumstances beyond your limited vision contributed to this decision?

          It’s easy to make a conclusion and then to throw out any premise that doesn’t fit the conclusion.  Analyzing, understanding, being open to possibilities you haven’t considered is hard.   Bigger minds aren’t afraid of hard.

        5.  It is the same thing they did with the unlocking bootloaders….  still a year later, no official unlocked bootloaders.

        6. Motorola’s Candian Razor will be updated in the second quarter….the only comon demoninator is Verizon…….all thier phones are delayed or not getting it at all, The only reason the Nexus was delayed because Verizon wanted to put thier own crapware on it instead of google wallet.

      3. Chris is right.  Look at those two lists.  “Motorola” products are heading for ICS.  On the other hand, “Droid” branded products are wait and see.  Droid means Verizon.  VZW may well be the clog in the pipes here.  Maybe they don’t have the testing bandwidth or have other objections.  No idea.  But it’s clear that the in large part the common factor in delayed ICS is VZW.

    2. u have no idea how funny that was when ur stoned

      thats a good one

  4. This is why I bought a Nexus. It’s been great not having to worry about that anymore. Not trying to be a dick — being serious. I know the feeling waiting on the carrier+device manufacturer to put out newer OS. 


  5. My GSM G’Nex will be here Wednesday. Never again will I wait for an update!

  6. this is why i picked GN over motorola….. people can always root it and use custom roms. 

  7. This is exactly why I bought 2 Nexus phones last week, the only other phone I was considering was the Razr Maxx and it was  a long shot. I guess I should show this to the d-bag at Verizon that couldn’t accept my reasons for wanting a Nexus (he has a Maxx and was bragging that it would get ICS too). I finally walked out, when he asked “do you want a phone or an operating system?” Well, last I checked I was buying both… Should have been his easiest sale of the day as I had already made up my mind before I walked in the store, instead I went to another Verizon corporate location and bought my phones. 

    1. Yea. I know what you mean. I was at a non-corp store before I got my nexus, and all they could do was push the crappy razr in my face everytime I asked about the gnex.

      1.  I’m sure they employees get kickbacks or have incentives for pushing certain devices.

    2. When I bought my G-Nexus the sale rep did the same thing. He tried to get me to buy the D-Razr, this is after I called the VZW store to verifiy that they had the G-Nexus in stock. I spoke to that same rep over the phone regarding the G-Nexus. He’s lucky that my OG-Droid was gasping for air went I bought my G-Nexus otherwise I would’ve gone to another VZW store. I told him that I was set to buy the G-Nexus. That I had purchased the extended battery at half price, a case and the charger for the battery. Before setting up the phone he said that he hoped that I don’t regret my purchase and go back to pick up the D-Razr. He did made me laugh though when he asked me if I wanted my data from my sd card to be transfered to the G-Nexus. I laughed as I watched him removing both battery covers and was looking for the sd card slot on the G-Nexus. I asked him what are you looking for? The G-Nexus doesn’t have a sd card slot. He looked at me like a dear looks at heads like racing towards them at 60mph, (lmao). That shows how much attention they are putting on the G-Nexus. At the moment I remember of the fiasco that VZW made regarding the release of the G-Nexus and how much advertising they had done for the device which wasn’t much. Not only did they messed up with the release and failed to advertise the G-Nexus as they do for the Droid brand but now the sale rep is trying to get people to buy the Razr instead of the G-Nexus. And for the update coming so late and not having a date I blame VZW.

  8. Moto needs to remember that their US customers have long memories. I went from OG Droid to RAZR but enough is enough!!!

  9. Im laughing while trying to type this comment in on my xo

  10. This is why Moto is my absolute least favorite OEM. I trust Samsung more, and that should be saying something.

    1. choosing motorola or samsung is, and always has been, a mistake.

  11. Not surprised that this was coming. Watch Samsung & LG follow suite. HtC will be the only one who follows through.

  12. And people kept saying Moto would get better when Google bought them. heh. It’s why the GN is the way to go. If it doesn’t have Nexus in the name .. I won’t buy it.

    1. Granted, I don’t believe that Moto would get better with the purchase of Google, but that’s a pretty unfair analysis. Google just very recently purchased Moto. It takes time for things to change…

    2. Well I guess the Xoom could be considered the “official Google” tablet and yet it got ICS after the ASUS Transformer did.

      Actually, I’m not even sure if I’m arguing against or with you right here. haha.

    3. The Google merger just went through. But, they already said Moto will remain completely separate.

  13. LOL, thanks to the atrix devs, I’ve been running CM9 for weeks now. Q3 my @$$.

  14. I’d be pissed if I owned a bionic right now

  15. So glad I chose gnex over razr. I know u guys hate posts like this but I am. I had an upgrade since august and waited it out. Signal in buildings and stores sucks but sure am glad I can rom and kernel swap all I want

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. This is exactly why I got a galaxy nexus (GSM) .

  16. This whole motorola update process sucks. I’m getting so sick of the lies. Thank goodness for programs like safestrap and the development community. Thanks to them I am already running ice cream sandwich on my razr and it runs quite well.

  17. dont get excited about your GNEX on VZW, if you havent noticed it has yet to get an update and we are already on 4.0.5 (VZW is running 4.0.2) so like they said above, i dont blame Moto, I blame Carriers

    1. Don’t know about anyone else..but I’m only one update behind you on my verizon gnex.

    2. The Verizon.Nexus released with 4.01. It updated to 4.02 on launch day. 4.03 and 4.05 are for the GSM versions. 4.04 is out there if you want it. But, it’s not like it’s a major update. Why would you care about silly OTA’s? You can run.whatever you want.

    3. I’m all for blaming Verizon for stuff….. but since when did google push out an official 4.0.3 update for the GSM Galaxy Nexus? Both GSM and LTE Galaxy Nexus phones are both officially still on 4.0.2. 

      4.0.3 started rolling out to the Nexus S I think, but then google pulled it back. The 4.0.4 version for the LTE Galaxy Nexus was never released, there is just a leaked version floating about. Anyone running 4.0.3 is also running a leaked/custom version.

      The fact that google hasn’t directly pushed a 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 or 4.0.5 update to the GSM (ie developer phone) means that the delay is clearly google’s responsibility. 

      If / when the GSM version gets ahead of the LTE version, then we can blame Verizon.

      1. 4.0.3 is AOSP so I dont see how it was pulled back.

        1. I don’t have a Nexus S so I can’t speak from experience… but there are plenty of articles online from the end of 2011 about the roll out. My understanding was that google, through the carriers, pushed the update to a limited number of handsets (a test roll out) and then after finding a lot of problems, never pushed the update to the remaining devices. Anyone running 4.0.3 is running essentially an unofficial version.

  18. My first android phone was the Motorola cliq xt.. I waited about half a year for an upgrade from 1.5 to 2.1.. which was its last update ever.. then I got the Samsung vibrant which has not been getting updates either.. so I realized, what am I doing? So I got a gnex! Can’t be any happier:)

    1. I would have thought you’d have learned after the Cliq. Got to get a phone not off the bottom of the heap.

    2. The Cliq XT was my first Android too!  I jumped ship to HTC (Evo 4G) because it kept messing up and the upgrade was taking FOREVER.  That was my last Motorola device.  I have the Rezound now, and if I don’t get ICS with Sense 4.0 I’m gonna sell it…

  19. This has been out for over a month now. This is nothing new. However, the hold up is testing by Verizon. Matt from Moto said Q2 for Razr, Bionic, and D4.

  20. I tried to tell them, way back when everyone was screaming how great the Razr was. I said “You’ll be sorry” hey at least you have 3 or 4 nifty colors to hold you over!

  21. Kind of makes you want to say screw it and but a iPhone sometimes, at least  they all have the same OS Version.

    1. They all have the same buggy version. There is more to a smartphone, than a software update. Android 1.0 was more functional out of the box than iOS 5.1. Instead of talking nonsense about getting an iPhone…you should be kicking yourself for not buying a Nexus. Only 1% of buyers care about updates, the rest have no issue waiting.

    2. Except they dont.  The 3gs is missing out on a lot of features that the 4 is missing out of and the 4 is missing features from the 4s.

      Apple is just smarter in calling them all the same “major release.”  So every phone is running either 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3, etc.  That way they can be 3 different OSes but Apple can tout, “Hey, were all on the same generation of IOS!”

  22. Who would’ve guessed a year ago Samsung would be beating Motor to market with O.S. updates. We would’ve all been rolling on the ground if someone would’ve predicted that. =)

    1. Everyone outside US.

  23. Back in October/November, I thought it was absolutely laughable that both Moto AND HTC had indicated ICS was coming very shortly after release. HTC even had the balls to tout the ReZound as “ICS Upgradeable” in their unveiling. 

    So what happened was that, Google/Samsung had shown off the Galaxy Nexus and Verizon officially indicated they would carry it in the US. The internet was buzzing. Moto, in order to remain relevant with the RAZR, sent out a series of official messages saying the upgrade to ICS was coming very shortly after release. HTC, in order to remain relevant with their latest release, makes up some BS about the ReZound being “ICS upgradeable”. Both companies promised getting 4.0 on their devices was priority number one and it was going to happen quicker than we know. And people bought it.

    That was November. This is March. Hate to tell everyone I told you so

  24. Lol Motorola is the worst, kinda funny cause Google owns them now, you would think they would be better with the updates

  25. Did you all forget that this is VERIZON these phones are on? Who’s to say it’s Moto’s fault. Maybe their trying to make it so that they can fit Verizon’s standards. So that’s why it’s taking so long for it to come out, or why their still “evaluating” it.

    1. I agree… Verizon has a huge hand in all of this.  Plus, look at the sheer number of devices they have… that’s another huge problem.  Samsung has 1 flagship phone… and that device is already getting ICS.  Maybe it’s time for Moto to shrink the portfolio…. and for consumers to start pinning the blame squarely on Verizon to change their ways again.  This is considerably worse than turning off GPS in Blackberry Maps.

  26. How come the Europe (and all other regions) update for the original Atrix has dropped behind the US?

  27. This is why I want the Galaxy Nexus. I don’t care about having the latest and greatest hardware when it doesn’t even get the latest and greatest software. This update fiasco year after year is stale.

  28. Nelson said it, not me.

  29. I have the Xoom WiFi and already have android 4.0, but I thought after 2 months of having ICS more phones and tablets would have been upgraded. This update stopped me from selling my Xoom but I will probably not buy another Motorola product anytime soon. Asus looks much more promising with its record of timely updates, that I know whatever I buy won’t be abandoned.

  30. My boss called me from Verizon about a month ago his wife was trying to buy a Razar  well the Verizon rep was trying to sell them that i told him to get the Nexus best android phone out don’t let them sucker you into the razar. So he listened to me of course after he got off the phone with me the Verizon rep admitted they are told to push the Razar and that the Nexus is a better phone and its already on ics its a no brainier

  31. I remember getting especially fed up with my eris and walking into a store and buying a bionic (this was like 3 days after it released).  2 days later I walked back into that store and returned it to wait for the nexus.  Of course my non-android savvy friends didnt understand and told me a phone is a phone etc and bought themselves bionics.  Got my nexus and couldnt be happier (especially coming from an eris!). All of my friends and their bionics just kept saying “dont worry im getting that 4.0 in like a month, moto said so”. And here we are almost 5 months later and all i hear is “well im happy with my phone, i dont need 4.0”. TLDR: I love my nexus and am so glad I didnt keep the bionic.

    1. The Bionic sucks.  I tried it for a couple weeks and returned it for a Rezound.  Yeah I know I won’t get ICS for a while but it’s still WAY better than that bullsh*t Bionic with it’s disappearing apps and horrible screen.  U can play Connect the Dots with that screen.

      1. Ya that screen was terrible.  It also had that higher pitched whining noise that played whenever the headphone jack powered up.  Seeing as how i use my phone for a lot of media stuff, this was a major disappointment.  So glad I didnt keep that POS.  

  32. What’s the big deal about people demanding ICS anyway?  I’ve been using it on my Galaxy Nexus for a couple months now and there really isn’t that much that impresses me over what Gingerbread was doing on my last phone.  On a tablet, it’s a different story. Tablets running Gingerbread/Froyo compared to ICS are worlds apart, but from a phone perspective, I’m not that blown away.  Got a few more tricks and stuff here and there, but really not all that different.

    1. If u would see how much lag there is on the Motorola Atrix for example, in everything from flipping homescreens to browsing, you would understand the desire for ICS. It’s literally like the GPU has been shut off in this device. Tegra 2 in the Transformer with ICS even though much higher resolution is unbelievable smooth compared to the Atrix.

      1. Root, custom ROM, custom kernel, maybe overclock.

         Currently on CM7 overclocked to 1.3GHz and the smoothness is outstanding.

  33. I honestly don’t care if I never get ICS on my bionic. When I had an OG Droid, I liked to mod it and keep up-to-date. Now I have the bionic, which does absolutely everything I need it to without stuttering and without any problems at all.

    Why would I want to change something that’s perfect? I’ll get ICS when the bionic dies.

  34. We’ve seen the leaks of the Vzw ICS Razr update so I’m guessing this is just Vzw trying to control the messaging.

    I get a kick out of all the ‘lying’ and ‘promising’ comments.

    I’d love to see anyone anywhere show me evidence of any M person ‘promising’ anything.  Please oh please, show me.

  35. WTF.. ICS was one of the promises when I bought my Bionic… man Motorola is so friggin’ lazy with their updates!!  OG Droid to Bionic (both of which I really enjoy).  Next phone is definitely not a Motorola though.  I’ll buy whatever Nexus is out when I’m ready to get a new phone.

  36. Im an OD and bionic owner. Went through fits with the bionic like many. Due to that and the total lack of timely updates as well as the preloaded Verizon garbage, I plan on buying an iPhone once they release one with a bigger screen. goodbye moto.

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