Video: Angry Birds Space demo at SXSW


Rovio and Samsung are showing off the upcoming Angry Birds Space game at SXSW. And while there are some good videos out there, The Verge has just posted one of the best hands-on demo videos for this game.

This is the latest iteration of Angry Birds, with an interesting spin and different physics approach. The game takes place in outer space and makes use of gravitational force to beat those pesky green pigs. One may become used to the different perspecitve after a while. But it sure looks like it needs some getting used to, as Ross Miller mentions.

The game was done in collaboration with NASA, which also put together a neat tutorial video straight from the International Space Station. If you are waiting for this game to land, we already know that it will be released come March 22nd (for all platforms).

It might also be important to note that Galaxy Note users will be able to play it for free, for three months. The rest of us will have to spare some bucks in order to fling those birds out of this world. But let’s just sit back and watch Ross take us through a quick demo of Angry Birds Space, while we wait.

[Source: The Verge]

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  1. So stupid, the Galaxy Note is not even on every carrier -.-

    1.  It says in the video “Galaxy device like the Galaxy Note” so I would say that Galaxy S II devices will qualify.

      But I don’t mind spending a few bucks getting it on my Sensation…. Atleast I will have official ICS by then.

    2. What do you think “exclusive” means?

  2. The Galaxy Note is one of the stupidest devices ever.

    I don’t want a phone with a stylus, and it’s too big to comfortably fit in my pocket.

  3. Galaxy Note has far to much hype behind it. It’s rather ridiculous.

  4. Whoa, why all the hate towards the Note?  Have you ever seen one in person?  Held one in your hand?  Have you ever used one on a daily basis?  Before you start throwing out comments like it’s one of the most stupidest devices ever or it’s ridiculous, try using one.  Needs come in many flavors and Android devices fill those needs.  Before my boss had a smart phone he thought that my 4.3 inch screen was ridiculous so he went for a 3.2 inch screen.  I told him that I predict you will be wanting a larger screen and most likely a larger screen than mine.  Well, after three months using his smart phone he admitted he wanted and needed a larger screen.  He’s now seriously looking at the Note.  He even thought it was a bit large.  Well, until he went and saw it in person.  He believes it is not too big and fits in his pocket quite nicely.  Is it large?  Yes.  Is it for everyone, probably not.  Sounds like it’s not for the people that posted the previous comments.  No problem, Android has a flavor for your needs that does not include a 5.3 inch screen.  I believe the Note is ground breaking for its size of screen while not increasing the overall size of the phone too much and the way the os utilizes the stylus.  The Note is geared towards certain groups and needs.  
    I would love to have a Note but I think the Nexus will be my next phone here soon.  It fills my needs better for what it offers.

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