Mar 11th, 2012

Google’s strategic move to rebrand Android Market, and it’s various other content stores, and bring them all under a single roof of Google Play has resulted in a change of leadership of the Android Market. Kim Mai Cutler of TechCrunch is reporting that Eric Chu, who has been overseeing the Market, is stepping away and exploring other options within Google.

Jamie Rosenberg, who’s been the face of the Google Music launch, is said to be taking over at least some of Eric’s responsibilities. Rosenberg had previously worked with Andy Rubin at Danger as the VP of the company’s premium services.

How this move will directly change the operation of Google Play will only be known down the line. As Kim Mai Cutler mentions in the TechCrunch article, Eric Chu was leading the developer relations and business development side of the Android Market. While Rosenberg seems a good fit for the latter, the developer relations side looks a little open right now.

I must admit, though, that the dev relations team has been doing a great job ever since the launch of Google+, with Reto Meier as the face of it, and I don’t see any issues arising there.