Moderate drinking makes you live longer; find the right level with 100Proof


It has become common knowledge that a moderate amount of alcohol intake is good for your health. There seem to be thin lines between to little, moderate and too much, though. There is a new app in the works called 100Proof, meant to help you out with finding a good balance for a longer life.

The app is being showcased at SXSW, and the team has put together a demonstration that focuses specifically on said event. It compares your alcohol intake with that of everyone else at SXSW. Users are told how much their drinking habits is taking away, or adding to their life span. If you are not drinking the right amount, you are also told how the negative impact can be counteracted.

This is just a sample of what the app will be like when it is released. According to research, people that drink moderately tend to live longer than those that drink too much, and even those that drink nothing (or too little). And as a random fact, according to the app developer, its web app has found that Android users drink more than iPhone users.

Stay tuned for more details about the app’s release. But for now, check out the web app at Also, take a look at the infographic below and let us know where you fall. Are you guys drinking too much, too little, or just the right amount?

[Source: 100Proof Via: Tech Crunch]

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  1. Lol, 5 = binge and passed out?

    I drink 12-20 a week almost all on friday night.

  2. So being an alcoholic means you will live longer than being completely sober, guessing they don’t factor in liver failure??

  3. Yeah, huh? How about the alcohol perforating small holes inside your veins from the alcohol dissolving you from the inside out.
    An autopsy of an alcoholic… … …

    1. Um…? But an alcoholic drinks every day pretty much. Not once a week. Hmm… ppL are bringing up interesting points, but seem to be forgetting other ones.

      So if you drink once a week, you’re most likely will have holey veins?

      1.  Only if your once-a-week drinkin’ is communion wine…

  4. I find some of these charts difficult to believe. The first chart indicates you’ll live longer if you drink yourself into a stupor every day than if you don’t drink at all. I call BS on that, we’ll see how long you live with cirrhosis of the liver. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the drunks were more likely to lie on a survey.

    1. Really? I thought it said if you get crazy drunk once a week. I mean that chart does say “per week” and not “per day”. Just saying…

      And if you drink lyk that once a week, then by time you drink again, your liver would be ready. I think there’s some data missing though. I do understand where you’re coming from. 

      I think it’s more along of the lines if you drink lyk that, but still drink water and exercise to get the rest of the alcohol out so your liver doesn’t do all the work.

  5. Alcoholism cause hepatitis/cirhossis causing shoter life!
    A few drinks here and there is the norm.

    1. LOL @ 
      hepatitis, get your diseases and causes straight kid. 

  6. Grandpa drinks more than you is true! At least in the Jewish community where the preferred breakfast is herring (high in omega 3) and a little Schnapps.

  7. Liver failure is overrated, on weekends I drink about 3 24packs of beer and been doing it for the past 20 years. I dont drink during the week, the liver is the only organ in the body that regenerates.  On new years I drunk a bottle of Spiritus (polish vodka) thats 192 proof and survived :)

    Oh and I only have a fatty liver, no sign of cirrhosis :) 

    1. Fatty liver IS a sign of cirrhosis. Just like what diabetics get. Your liver can regenerate but only to a limited capacity.  3-24 packs a weekend is definitely doing liver damage, not to mention brain damage, kidney damage, intestinal damage, esophageal damage, etc.  3-6 over the course of a week seems reasonable and safe.

      On a separate note, I think the info-graphic misrepresents living longer is caused due to drinking.  But just like everyone else points out here, it’s basically due to having friends and working out/staying fit.  Was this based on a study that was funded by Smirnoff? lol 

  8. So, will you be doing an article about how good cannabis is for you?

  9. Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver fyi kid!

  10. Lol so it has nothing to do with drinking just that people who drink more alcohol tend to exercise more ? Why not just exercise more ?

    1. Alcohol helps keep your arteries clear, that’s proven.

  11. @Mclabia lol too many benefits!

  12. In that case I’m gonna live forever

  13. What happens if you forget the booze and just exercise more and have a life?

  14. Don’t go to the site…complete waste of time…

  15. Lol this is so stupid. Don’t be daft. So people that drink more tend to exercise more, so that means drinkers live longer? Another false headline. It should read that people who exercise live longer, it has nothing to do with them drinking alcohol. I do drink alcohol but this is a joke. If you believe this and think that just drinking more alcohol is better for your health, your are a fool. What about just exercising more and not driving?

    1. *drinking, not driving. worthless phandroid app won’t let me edit.

      1. “What about just exercising more and not driving?”

        That actually sounds about right.  Park the damn car and walk once in a while. Especially if you’ve been drinking.

  16. Thanks for the laugh… P.S. I’m still hammered from last night

  17. “It has become common knowledge that a moderate amount of alcohol intake is good for your health.”

    In that case, these articles below are probably not common knowledge:

    While some research has shown there are potential health benefits to a component of red wine (not everything in the red wine, by the way), and some trials have been done in mice and other animals, we are still yet to conduct trials in humans! Many trials fall apart when they are done in the clinic.

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