Mar 8th, 2012

An exclusive story today from Reuters is reporting that developers on Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market) are being forced to use the Google Wallet service — which is linked to Google Checkout — for all their in-game, in-app purchases (sorry, no Paypal here). This is all done under the threat of being booted from Google Play altogether for non-compliance. Using any other payment options was quoted by developer Papaya Mobile as a violation of Google’s terms of use.

This “news” was echoed across the usual blogs who were puzzled by Google’s sudden iron fisting of their Market. Google did eventually comment on the matter saying that it’s business as usual and that nothing has changed in their terms of service. Apparently, this is the way things have always been for developers who would like to use in-app purchases for their goods. Although, as Google pointed out, there are 2 exceptions to the rule: One, physical goods from retailers like Amazon or eBay and second, digital goods like books and other transferable items.

I, for one, prefer to keep all of my purchases under the watchful of eye of Google and kept inside the Market where they’re treated the same as if they were purchased apps. The other day I purchased some in-game items on my Galaxy Note and it was nice having the same purchased goods unlocked and carried over to my Galaxy S II. Gotta love the Google Plarket. Market. Play. Google Play.

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