Mar 1st, 2012

Shown off at this year’s CES 2012 (and even winning the “Best Mobile App” award) Splashtop THD is now available for Nvidia Tegra 3 tablets running Android 4.0+. While there probably isn’t too many of you out there (hopefully more will join your ranks in the coming weeks), Splashtop THD will allow you to connect to your home PC and do everything you could do on your desktop — only from the comfort of your tablet.

Everything from listening to music, browsing the web, watching movies or even — and here’s the real kicker — playing your favorite PC games from the comfort of your tablet. Suddenly, leveling up away from home has never been easier.

Of course, for optimal performance, Splashtop requires you to have a few top of the line ingredients to keep everything running smoothly. Things like a solid desktop or gaming rig, wireless N router (if gaming from home or office) and super fast 4G connection (when away from WiFi). Don’t forget this is only for Tegra 3 tablets running Android 4.0+, so keep that in mind. If all that checks out, you can download Splashtop THD for $7 right now in the Android Market.

[Market Link]