Google Wallet Updated – Sprint Shows It Off On Galaxy Nexus [Video]


Google Wallet was updated a few days ago bringing about the usual bug fixes and it seems Sprint was so excited about the news, they’ve uploaded a quick little how-to video on their YouTube showing off exactly what you can do with the Google Wallet and… what’s this? The Galaxy Nexus? Sweet mother of gawd.

Still with no solid release date, we’ve all been scratching our heads on exactly when we can expect the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. The only thing holding back the device now could be Sprint’s testing of their 4G LTE network so lets hope it’s sooner than later.

At Mobile World Congress, Sprint also revealed that the G-Nex wouldn’t be the only device on their network to take advantage of NFC and Google Wallet, apparently, the carrier has 10 new devices planned for this year with built-in NFC capabilities, starting with the LG Viper. Once again, no release dates were given but it’s nice to see something is brewing over at ‘ol Sprint HQ. Think I’ll stick around for a little longer. Google Wallet/Galaxy Nexus video below.

Thanks, Tommy! :)


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a 4G icon in the status bar.

  2. *yawn* I’ve had it on my vzw galaxy nexus for months now. sprint can suck it! lol 

    1. no – Verizon is giving it to you good every month.  without lube.

      1. no, i still have unlimited 

        1. plus with my discount from work my bill is super cheap :) 

          1. cheap is relative.  lottsa luck.

        2. Yeah, I was pretty pumped when I was able to keep my unlimited and upgrade to 4g.  Win.

  3. I been with Sprint 10 years, and I`ll stay with them. I had  AT&T, T-Mobile and VZW, thanks VZW and the other two.

  4. i bet it says 8mp on the back

    1.  So what? Who cares what is written under the camera. As long as the shit works and does what’s advertised, idgaf what is written on the device.

      1. Calm down it was a joke

      2. Gotta have dat 8 mega pixels, bruh..

  5. The ZTE Fury will have NFC too. Brings the total to 3, then there is the rumor of the Optimus Elite, which would leave 6.

  6. I’ve officially made the jump to Verizon, well i’ve been using the service for 2 months now, but i’ve bought a Galaxy Nexus VZ version(no contract, straight cash) to replace my Droid Charge, I’m gonna quit Sprint. Sprint is to late to the market for me, both with the GNEX and LTE service. I said if sprint does not give no Release day by the end of February for the gnex I’m dropping the service.  

    1. Its march 1st

      1. Was about to say the same thing. Maybe Sodiq means NEXT February? xD

        1. damm leap year….you know what i mean lol, I’m leaving sprint.

  7. Chavez – does this mean that the release is imminent?


  8. chris, you keep saying your gonna switch but then you dont. just do it man. its just disappointment after disappointment. dont fool yourself man  

    1.  Disappointment… how?

    2. I….. I don’t want to talk about it!

      I’m like an abused housewife. I’ll never leave =(

  9. I’m sure the next Evo, which should be similar to the One X, will have NFC as well.  

  10. Need an option to view via browser, sometimes videos don’t work properly. Att skyrocket love phandroid news though keep it coming

  11. did no one else see a Steve Jobs resemblance? lol 

  12. Android 4 dot oh…….lol this guys is a tool! Not suprising since it is sprint!

  13. What else did Hesse talk about today?

  14. So.. Sprint’s GN doesn’t have ICS?  What’s with the l@mez0r photo?

  15. As a Sprint customer, the GN doesnt catch my attention. HTC One X !

  16. DAMN U SPRINT. I’m never going to get the NEXUS it will come to AT&T LAST.

  17. Not cool Sprint, I want my G-Nex and I want it now! If they’re showing it off, I’m sure it’s right around the corner. Hopefully it happens by early April.

  18. Meh, if this was 6 months ago I would be all for it. But too many better phones coming to sprint now. No need to upgrade to last years hardware. Rumors of SGS3 in april, and One X possibly June…..No thanks!!!

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