Mar 1st, 2012

Google Wallet was updated a few days ago bringing about the usual bug fixes and it seems Sprint was so excited about the news, they’ve uploaded a quick little how-to video on their YouTube showing off exactly what you can do with the Google Wallet and… what’s this? The Galaxy Nexus? Sweet mother of gawd.

Still with no solid release date, we’ve all been scratching our heads on exactly when we can expect the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. The only thing holding back the device now could be Sprint’s testing of their 4G LTE network so lets hope it’s sooner than later.

At Mobile World Congress, Sprint also revealed that the G-Nex wouldn’t be the only device on their network to take advantage of NFC and Google Wallet, apparently, the carrier has 10 new devices planned for this year with built-in NFC capabilities, starting with the LG Viper. Once again, no release dates were given but it’s nice to see something is brewing over at ‘ol Sprint HQ. Think I’ll stick around for a little longer. Google Wallet/Galaxy Nexus video below.

Thanks, Tommy! :)


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