Batgirl Disses Batman, Sandwich Dances with Android Robots


I’m not sure if the entire MWC has gone delusional due to lack of sleep or, with all of the major announcements behind us, the Android enthusiasts got ancy…. but this is one scene I definitely DID NOT anticipate seeing. Watch Batwoman diss Batman for two oversized Android robots.

The Android Robots definitely have the hots for Batgirl, prompting Batman’s jealous marriage proposal, which Batgirl quickly shoots down. They exit stage right and the Android Robot dancing continues, including some nice Intel-style freestyles.

I know, I know… slow news day, right? Admit it: you laughed (or dropped your jaw in bizarre shock).

Rob Jackson
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  1. put this in the bizarre category. clearly, not everyone in their midst was generating the energy required to raise the roof

    1. most mobile world congress attendees have been reduced to zombies roaming the show floor, I don’t blame them for not getting pumped up lol. feel bad for batman though.

    2. If he referred to the crowd as “party people” instead of saying “all the humans” he might have gotten a better response lol. Plus I think everyone was still in a bit of shock at the awkwardness of batman/girl and android robots all dancing around.

  2. Either I need more sleep, or need to back off the drugs (or maybe take more) because this makes no sense to me. I’m not sure why Batman and Batgirl are at MWC or why they are dancing with Androids.

  3. what the…i dont understand

  4. No, I think this makes perfect sense.  Why would Batman and Batgirl not be there?  Android is for everyone…literally.  Except maybe Batman, not sure Andy and his brother Andy were looking for a foursome.

  5. Wtf did I just watch!?

    1. I was wondering that too.  I figured someone had slipped some acid into my drink.

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