Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 poses for the camera ahead of launch


UPDATE: Android Central has spotted the same image on a billboard in Barcelona.

The Verge received the image above via an anonymous tipster showing off the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and it’s accompanying S Pen. The interesting part? The note taking app looks pretty solid with the ability to embed a video right there.

I can hardly wait until they officially announce it in Barcelona. I’ve always dreamt of a tablet with awesome stylus support and a note taking tool to die for. And this seems the closest that we’ve come to it.

[Source: The Verge]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. want want want.

  2. i think i finally want a tablet now update me on when its about $400 for the wifi only version.

    1. Dream on!

      1. won’t have to dream long, i paid a little over $400 for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi

  3. Ah I’m pretty sure HTC has already mastered this.

  4. … xyboard?

    1. …no?

  5. That font sucks, “n” looks like “m” and the “m” has an extra hump as well.  Who the hell writes like that?

    1. he writes his m and n in script

  6. Will those specs available on the old 10.1″? 

  7. “I’ve always dreamt of a tablet with awesome stylus support and a note taking tool to die for.”
    Apparently you missed the part last year when Lenovo already did that.

    1. Yeah, Lenovo released the ThinkPad Tablet with N-trig active stylus. The stylus part actually works pretty well, in stark contrast to almost everything else that can go wrong: cameras won’t focus, micro-USB and power buttons not soldered on the boards of some mysterious set of tablets, totally non-working GPS six months after launch, constant force-closes, and some more I’ve forgotten.

  8. A stylus is one thing, but is it any good? In the photo the tip looks kind of dull and round, which is not encouraging.

    I would love a nice light art sketching pad with Android that’s under $500. But it needs to be very accurate Wacom-caliber, pressure sensitive and pinpoint accurate. The awful iPad styli for capacitive screens are not even close. And there are other stylus screen technologies that are better but still not that great. It’s high time someone did a real artist quality affordable tablet. The Windows tablets with Wacom stylus have actually been very good at this, but heavy, complicated, expensive, and lousy battery life. I have a hunch that there will be some pretty darn good Win 8 tablets, but probably still over $500. Android could really do this well if they got the tech right.

    I would not pay $500 for an Android tablet as we’ve seen them thus far; but if it had awesome stylus capability I would. That is one way in which Android could jet past iPads with a real advantage and so still command iPad prices. I would think manufacturers would like that.

    1. The stylus is Wacom-caliber because, well, it’s a Wacom stylus/digitizer. I’ve been waiting for this to be announced since the Note was released for the same reasons as you (awesome digital sketchbook!), so I’m really excited about the official announcement tomorrow…I’ll be getting one the day it’s released!

  9. If the stylus is good and the price isn’t crazy, I will be in for one. I have been wanting to replace my LiveScribe Echo pen.

  10. I cant wait to put this to my face and make a phone call in front of my iPhone loving friends :D

    1.  It’s not a phone.

  11. Have you peeps forgotten the HTC Flyer and HTC Evo View and HTC Jet stream with the stylus support in Sense that works over all apps?

    1. The N-trig enabled device on the HTC’s dont user a digitizer that sense pressure.

      The WACOM enabled Galaxy Note series uses a 256 level pressure sensitivity digitzer that captures different layers of pressures. Plus, unlike the HTC devices that uses AAAA battery to power the “stylus”, the Galaxy Note series dont require any batteries. 

      WACOM digitizers are much more accurate than capacitive screens even N-trig screens.

      1. Thats good to know, i’m looking forward to the Galaxy Note 10.1 being announced, hopefully more powerful than the GalaxyTab 10.1, I’m itching to upgrade, surprisingly, ICS on TouchWiz UX for Tablets looks actually pretty good, but on phones, yuck

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