Samsung Previews Their New Quad-Core Exynos Processors – To Make An Appearance At MWC?


At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference SSCC event in San Francisco, Samsung was one of the OEM’s in attendance showing off their upcoming quad-core Exynos processors. While these powerhouses are still using the older Cortex-A9 architecture, the quad-core Exynos takes advantage of the 32nm manufacturing process making them smaller, and more power efficient. Boasting a performance boost of up to 26% faster than ’11 chips, these Exynos chips use about 50% less power. As an added bonus, each core has the ability to be shut-off independently, further increasing power efficiency when needed.

As we learned earlier this week, it’s not always how fast your processor is if you want your phone to fly, but also has fast the memory is. Samsung’s quad-core Exynos will also support low-power DDR3 memory, to ensure the chip operates at full speed. The GPU on these new chips is also capable of pumping out around 57 million polygons per second.

We’re hoping Samsung will unveil a quad-core Exynos device at MWC though we remain doubtful. Samsung recently unveiled their dual-core Exynos 5250’s in November which wont ship until the Spring. If you’re hoping to see a quad-core Exynos device this year, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

[EETimes | Via Electronista]

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  1. This is probably stupid but I think when Nvidia goes to Windows 8 tablets Android may be SOL if they can play games made for Windows.  If I can play Baldur’s Gate on a tablet I’m not sure if I’d want to go back to Android, but that’s only an if.

    1. Never been fully sold on Android tablets. As much as I love the OS, for now — it’s just on my phone. 

      1. What about Android Tablets are you not sold on Chris? Is it Android tablets or tablets in general? As far as the OS, hardware, performance, size, weight, options and styling Android tablets are leading the way. The Asus with ICS and my Galaxy tab are buttery smooth.

        1. For me, the two most important things on a tablet are the ecosystem’s apps and the screen quality. 

          Speed is, of course, important but I would prefer a smooth interface to a speedy one as long as it wasn’t unbearably slow. 

          Right now, the iPad has a substantionally better app store (and better supports the use of a non-tablet app on a tablet) but a lower quality screen why Android tablets have higher quality screens and lower quality applications. I’m waiting for one of the two to fix their weakness before I buy a tablet. 

        2. It’s pretty much just tablets in general, not really Android tabs. I have a Macbook that I take everywhere with me and between that and my phone, I’m good.

          Although, a Windows 8 tablet sounds appealing cuz it would have a “real” OS in tablet form. Could be nice. 

          1. Big problem with a windows 8 tablet is that if you get an ARM cpu you will almost certainly only be able to use applications compiled for ARM.

            Anything that runs on your windows box right now won’t work on arm architecture unless for some godforsaken reason they decide to emulate intel (which I don’t think will be possible anyway)

          2. Woah.. I didn’t know that. =/

      2. You need to get fired asap, ROB FIRE HIM NAO

    2. Don’t get your hopes up.

  2. I totally agree. I’ve been very disappointed with honeycomb on my og transformer. Hoping ics makes a big improvement in the user experience. If not I’ll probably be going with a windows 8 tablet since i could practice some development on it. But love Android for my phone.

  3.  Hmm I wonder how this will fair against the new dual-core from Snapdragon

    1. Since the new snapdragon is close to A15 architecture it will probably own this thing with only 2 cores.

      1. Yes and No….There will be plenty of advantages of the S4 in terms of battery life and speed of CPU….but there will also be a couple disadvantages in terms of memory speed and GPU speed. So its a give and take depending on what you like. I would see them being pretty similar at the end of the day but I think there is alot more potential with the S4 based on features and battery life than samsung.

    2. I think Samsung made this to achieve that odd promise they made a while back: All day battery life. This CPU will probably hit the sweet spot between processing power and battery life. It might not top benchmarks but if it has the battery life a lot of people clamor for it will sell just as well. 

      I personally will shoot for battery life, especially for tablets. I don’t think tablets are gaming machines (the primary reason people care about benchmarks) as everything else a tablet can do in terms of processing, this is more than good enough for.

      1. P.S I hope this makes it into Windows 8 tablets =)

  4. And how did you get this job real os? I’ve always liked you but that was a duece

    1. I didn’t mean “real” OS like Android sucks or something. Just that it’s a mobile OS built for smartphones and more recently, tablets.

      “Real” OS as in a DESKTOP OS. Like Windows or OSX. I’d like to see you use Android as your primary computing device for everything. Just get rid of your PC altogether and tell me if it’s possible…

  5. If this is in the Galaxy S 3 I will seriously laugh.
    Meanwhile I’m waiting for the OMAP 5’s to come out.

    1. All day battery live vs more power? This is why I love Android and hate iOS. More choices.

  6. Dude how did you get this job real os?

    1. Because I’m a mole. I secretly hate Android and own an iPhone O_o

  7. Ehh, android needs more games. I play a lot of nerd board games, and literally bought an iPad for that.

  8. It’s great how quickly the processors in smartphones are improving. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we were all talking about hex-core processors this time next year! I’ve actually just written a blog post on the future of mobile technology if anyone wants to read. It’s nothing too serious. Just a bit of fun.

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