Feb 22nd, 2012

No, that’s not the name for my upcoming boy band, 4-Plus-1 is officially Nvidia’s new name for the Tegra 3’s fifth core as announced today via their blog. Known by many names in the past, like “Ninja Core” or “Companion Core,” Nvidia finally decided on something a little more descriptive in hopes that customers know exactly what they were getting when it comes to the Tegra 3’s powerful quad-core processor.

The 4-Plus-1 (I don’t care, I’m still going to call it companion core) acts as a low-power core to handle less intensive actions like background tasks, sending emails or when your device fast asleep. Nvidia hinted we’re going to see it in a few devices at MWC and I’m hoping that little fifth core will be enough to keep the HTC One X in standby mode for at least a day — gawd knows HTC devices need it.