Nvidia Gives Tegra 3’s Fifth Companion Core An Official Name: 4-Plus-1


No, that’s not the name for my upcoming boy band, 4-Plus-1 is officially Nvidia’s new name for the Tegra 3’s fifth core as announced today via their blog. Known by many names in the past, like “Ninja Core” or “Companion Core,” Nvidia finally decided on something a little more descriptive in hopes that customers know exactly what they were getting when it comes to the Tegra 3’s powerful quad-core processor.

The 4-Plus-1 (I don’t care, I’m still going to call it companion core) acts as a low-power core to handle less intensive actions like background tasks, sending emails or when your device fast asleep. Nvidia hinted we’re going to see it in a few devices at MWC and I’m hoping that little fifth core will be enough to keep the HTC One X in standby mode for at least a day — gawd knows HTC devices need it.



Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’m very tired of hearing about HTC on phandroid as of late. They haven’t made any great products recently and are struggling to keep up with Motorola and Samsung.

    Please stop calling out HTC EVERY time you write an article.

    1. Just because they haven’t released anything “good” recently doesn’t mean they wont. 
      People said the same thing about Samsung and now look at them =)

      Besides, when talking about the Tegra 3, HTC’s One X was one of the first devices we knew was going to have it so… it applies in this case. =p

      1. I agree with Chris on this one, and not just because we have the same first name. I’ll warn you guys now though, this post might be a bit lengthy.

        HTC is ALWAYS releasing a “good” product. What about HTC is bad? Just because they only make smartphones? In my opinion, that makes them the grandfather of smartphones. Not to mention, they’re the only company that had the balls to adopt Android in the first place. It would’ve been LG, but they backed out.

        You don’t like Snapdragon processors? I understand that they may not be as “fast” out of the box, but if you return them back to the normal clock speed (1.5 Ghz) they can easily hang with the Exynos. Also, the first gen dual-core Snapdragon in my Sensation is running at 1.728 Ghz is smoother than an iPhone 4S WITH Sense 3.0 on it.

        HTC’s may not be that thin or “sleek”, but I like the stout feel of their devices. I always hear people say “yeah but metal dents, plastic doesn’t” but, plastic (ala LG, Moto, Samsung) DOES break, crack, and just looks cheap in general.

        The LCD’s HTC uses (aside from the made-in-china MyTouch 4G) look incredible compared to the S/amoled/+ screens. Now, I understand this is more of an opinion type thing on the screens, but I’ll layout my thoughts regardless. Unless it’s samoled+, the detail in s/amoled screens fails. It looks about as bad as the old 240×480 screens. Except deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. This brings me to my next point about amoled. The colors are TOO saturated. I don’t like looking at real photos that appear to be drawn with neon markers. Also, the black level isn’t that big of a deal. The LCD in my Sensation has plenty dark enough blacks. It’s also vibrant enough for people to look and say “wow! that’s a great screen!” but, I digress. Moving on.

        Sense. Some people don’t like it, but when you take a look over at the roms on XDA, at least for the Sensation, 85%+ are Sense based. Because Sense has a LOT to offer verses AOSP Gingerbread. ICS may be another story, but I’ll still rock Sense 4.0. The dialer is better, the messaging app is better, the browser is better, the UI is just all around better than AOSP. Like I said, ignoring ICS.

        The ONLY thing that people can say bad about HTC is their battery life. And I think the people that complain about HTC’s battery life are people who have never owned smartphones, because I can make it a full day with my phone overclocked and everything powered on with moderate use. It can last 5 hours playing Grand Theft Auto III non-stop, so… what’s the problem exactly? Purpose-built handheld gaming devices such as the 3DS or vita barely even touch that kind of battery life and they’re built for that.

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the problem is feztheforeigner didn’t post an opinion. He posted a false fact. Also, if you don’t like HTC, don’t use Android. Android may have really taken off with the launch of the Motorola Droid, but if it weren’t for HTC’s G1 (aka HTC Dream outside USA), Android wouldn’t have even gotten started. Don’t forget that Motorola put EVERYTHING they had into the Droid and nearly lost it all. HTC hasn’t really ran into trouble because they know what they’re doing.

        HTC is the only Android manufacturer that can ACTUALLY compete with the iPhone. I don’t mean that in sales. I mean that as in the wow factor. The feel of that aluminum unibody phone in your hand makes you glad you didn’t buy an iPhone. When I use any Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc., it feels like it cost nothing. I feels like it will break. And they make creaking sounds with you put pressure on them. No thanks.

        So… with the Amaze 4G, Rezound, and other high-end HTC’s, how are they not putting out anything good? Or do you just post bad things about HTC because you’re jealous that you don’t own one? I’ve had a lot of friends that have been with Android for a while like me (except I’ve been an Android nerd since the G1) and once they got HTC devices, they haven’t switched to any other company. Brand loyalty exists, and while trolls may call people “stupid” for being loyal to a brand, there’s a reason for it. They like their products.

        SO, feztheforeigner, please DO NOT respond to this. I have a feeling you’ll just say something like “stfu” or “get a life” or “pussy” or something else that will give away your low IQ as already done in your post. You didn’t say anything other than “htc struggles to keep up with Samsung and Motorola” ….. I feel it’s because you’re incapable of thought more complex than that.

        1. “u mad? yeah, u mad”

          1. I could care less.

          2. You mean you could NOT care less. If you could care less, then you care more than not caring at all.

          3. In reply to Jason Farrell’s comment below this: If you said I could NOT care less, you’re implying that it would “kill” you to care less. Saying “I could care less” means that you could easily stop caring. In example, let’s say I were talking to my girlfriend, and I told her I couldn’t care less about her, it means that it would destroy me to not care as much as i can. If you say “I could care less”, you’re implying that you’re very capable of caring less. Have you never heard that saying before? It’s pretty common, and most people know what it actually means…

  2. These articles need a +1 function inside the phandroid app! Good stuff though, I totally agree.

  3. 4-Plus-One equals 5, which is on the HTC “something fast” pic


  5. Every time I hear companion core I get the urge to destroy a homicidal AI who is obsessed with testing by means of a controlled time space anomaly

  6. Delta echoe your my favorite! Lmao!

  7. so wait are all the quad core phone having this 4+1 or just some phones that are quad core

  8. After seeing the performance from the upcoming ARM A-15 cores in the new OMAP 5 series, i think i will wait it out with my old single core snapdragon until then..

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