Academy Award Winning Art Director And SiXiTS Want To Bring “ROBOTA” To Android Devices This Summer


Back in the 80’s, there was this Saturday morning TV show I used to watch as a kid that was accompanied by an amazing toy line. It was called Dino Riders and it combined 2 of my most favorite things in the world at the time (which embarrassingly, hasn’t changed much today): dinosaurs and science fiction.

Well, Academy Award winning artist and producer, Doug Chiang is hoping to cash-in on that my childhood favorite dino/robot combo with his Kickstarter funded title ROBOTA for Android and iOS devices. The game is based off the Orson Scott Card illustrated novel and is an action adventure featuring an epic tale about humanity, good vs. evil, yada, yada — it’s got dinosaurs. I’m pretty sure you ride ’em. And you blow up robots. What else do you need?

It’s Mr. Chiang’s art that makes this game really stand out. If his character/robot designs look familiar, that’s because this guy was responsible for the art direction in all 3 Star Wars prequels and even dabbled in Beowulf and Polar Express. If nothing else, I think it goes without saying the game is going to look great. You can see a little of what Doug and developer SiXiTS Studios has come up with in the very early, CGI motion test video below.

SiXiTS Studios is looking for help from backers on Kickstarter to help get this title off the ground. If they can raise enough money by March 12th, production can officially begin and we can look forward to ROBOTA landing on the Android Market this summer. All you have to do is pledge $5 or more on what’s going to be a $7 game at launch. This means you not only get a discount, but you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped bring would could be an amazing game to light. If you’re interested, hit up the source link for more info on how to pledge.

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  1. Maaaan I loved Dino Riders!  They don’t make original shit no more.  They wait for a blockbuster movie like Real Steel* to come out and then make toys of it.

    1. You said it! And todays blockbusters are either stupid or a movie of an old good cartoon/comic series (and even that can still turn out crap on the white screen)

      I missed DINOOOH-SOAHRS!! in that CGI movie

  2. I only remember the street sharks and the other dinosaur cartoon haha.

  3. That is a good point. Seems ALL of the movies that come out these days are just re-hash’es of old cartoons and/or comics. Not that I mind that, cause I don’t (providing they are done right). All in all though, the CGI for the Robota video looks great and if the game holds true to form, it will be great as well. Looking forward to seeing more on this one. Yea.. DinoRiders was one of those old good ones too. Not a fav of mine, but I def. watched it.

  4. This looks rather boring.

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