Google releases Foursquare competitor, keeps it in the down-low


Google’s latest update to its Maps application took place just a few days ago. We did not see much of a change, as it only brought some bug fixes and improved battery life, but Google had sneaked in a very pleasant surprise. Lattitude check-ins now earn you points, which affect your social score in a Google+ leaderboard.

Competition is usually affected when Google releases new services. If possible, we try to stick to Google products, as they work seamlessly with the Android operating system. This service is much to the likes of a popular social check-in network called Foursquare.

Things seem to be a bit tricky now. Many users can’t access the service yet, and others have to check in before even realizing it is there. We are not used to checking-in via Latitude, though. But it is likely that Google is setting things up for a better check-in experience.

Go ahead and try to check it out. And just out of curiosity – how do you guys usually check-in? I mostly use Facebook, but that is because it is what most of my friends use. I would love to see more people adopting better services out there.

[Source: Android World Via: Engadget]

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  1. I never check-in…find it useless

  2. without getting a million angry comments about weather the robot or the apple is better; i feel like if this was an article about an android service that apple copied, there would be hundreds of comments from people bitching about how all apple does is steal ideas. but when google does it,it’s just competition?

    and checking in is dumb anyway, who the hell cares where you are?

    1. The difference is Google didn’t patent it and then sue everyone else that tried to use the feature.

      Google+ has had check-ins since the app was released, and that’s usually what I use…when I remember or care enough to check-in. I usually use the check-in as my way of saying “this place is worth going to” to anyone that cares to listen.

    2. Checking is dumb, but most of the times these checks in saves you some money.  They have special coupons for checking in at some places.

  3. I also usually use Facebook for the same reason. I just wish more of my friends were on G+. I love everything Google, mainly because it works perfectly with my Galaxy Nexus.

  4. There’s a leader board on Google+?!? When in the heck did this become a competition?!? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! 

    I’ve seen what Google considers “hot” and there isn’t anything hot about it. Ensign Wesley Crusher? Really? Reposts of the same subject by different people? No thank you! No wonder there’s no one on G+. Lame.

    1. Yet somehow you found this article about this “lame” service and found time to comment on it. Lame.

      1. Oh wow! I had to search so hard for this article. It was buried soooo deep and purposely hidden by the Phandroid staff so that only the most hardcore would ever find it! (Hint: it was the second article on the front page at the time.) Yet you found the time to scroll down to my comment (I know for a fact it wasn’t anywhere near the top when you found it.) and try to say I’m lame?!? Careful there. ;)

  5. i’m a heavy android user but i’m still waiting for google+ to take over FB. as of now most of my friends are still on FB

  6. I usually check in using Foursquare and post this on Facebook from within the app.
    Places are more well defined on Foursquare than these on Facebook.
    It’s really easy to create a new spot using Foursquare, though I haven’t needed to do so, cause places are there :)

  7. And yes, I tried checking in via Latitude after updating the maps, and Voilla!! there was a leader board.
    The point was, I couldn’t find the leader board anywhere on the app to access.
    To see it, I have to re-check-in somewhere else …!!!!

  8. I normally check in on both G+ and FB. Separately. If only Twitter hadn’t purchased TweetDeck it would be one stop shopping.

    I think the leaderboard is cool, and the “competition” aspect has made me check in more often. I just have to win! LOL

    1. Wow! Can I be your friend?

  9. IDK why I would want other people I don’t know to know I checked in somewhere…nor would I want my friends knowing where I am by me checking in. I’d have to get serious discounts for this to be worth my while.

  10. I actually use latitude to check in already because I like the history feature on the website so I can remember the places I’ve been. I also like my mates being able to see which bar I’m in etc.

  11. What’s Foursquare?

  12. I unsubscribe friends who keep on telling me where they are, I couldnt give a shit. Its about the worst use of social networking, like telling someone you have an itchy foot.

  13. Just installed FootFeed can be used to check in with foursquare and latitude easy now only need to use one app. 

  14. I use FourSquare.  Although not EVERY time I’m somewhere.  My fiance hate’s it!

  15. I find the check in feature on Google+ very useful. It is really useful if the check in includes a review of the place as well. I love going to Google Maps to read other people’s reviews. It is those check ins and reviews that are the deciding factor if I am going to visit a place.

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