Feb 19th, 2012

Everyone complains of the distractions and bad habits that technology can bring, but it is important to understand that these gadgets can also improve our lives. Not only to the general population, but there are many ways in which technology can help users with disabilities. A great example of this is BrailleTouch, an app meant to help the blind communicate with their loved ones.

The app is being developed by Georgia Tech, and it is open-source. This means that other developers will be able to tweak it and modify it to their liking, possibly making it better.

This service features a 6 button set-up that will simplify “eyes-free texting.” As the user types, the app reads out the letters and symbols of the English alphabet. According to the research, users have been able to reach typing speeds of 32 words per minute, with a spelling accuracy of 92%.

The team has only developed this app for iPhone and iPad, but an Android version is said to be in the works. It is exciting to see such projects being carried out. Technology can really be a blessing, and this is living proof of such.

We are very interested in this subject, so give us your 2 cents! Do you guys know of any people with disabilities that have been able to carry out their daily lives due to smartphones and/or tablets? How so?

[Source: Georgia Tech Via: The Verge]