More HTC One X Details Revealed – Super LCD Display, Non-Removable Memory and Optional Speaker Dock


The HTC One X (formerly Edge/Endeavor) is getting all primped and proper for its red carpet debut at this year’s Mobile World Congress in just a few short weeks. Although we already know a few of the device’s specs thanks to a leaked ROM, some new details on HTC’s next flagship superphone have been confirmed from our friends across the pond over at MoDaCo.

Apparently, the HTC One X will include the fan-favorite onscreen buttons, suitable for the latest version of Android 4.0 and the all new Sense 4.0. Other details include an optional speaker dock with Beats Audio earbuds coming standard, micro SIM card slot. Less flattering details revealed that the One X will come equipped with a 4.7-inch Super LCD display and not the previously rumored AMOLED with a 2 color green/amber notification LED. Oh, and the device will not have expandable memory instead opting for 32GB of pre-installed non-removable memory.

Nothing too surprising here, and even with these new leaked deets, the HTC One X is still looking like a beastly device. I’m wondering — any of readers ready to trade-in/up their Galaxy Nexuses for the One X?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Sensation to One X is a possibility depending on performance.

  2. Welp. Changed my mind about this phone. Sounded great up until the no SD card part.

  3. Sounds like the Galaxy Nexus in a crappier HTC package.

    1. Um except the specs on the Galaxys Nexus don’t have a 1.4 ghz quard-core processor…

      1. No it has a 1.5 ghz duel core built by a better chip maker by far. Let’s not forget Tegra 2 couldn’t compare to single core processors of the same year.

        1. Actually it’s 1.2GHz dual core in the GNex.

          1. its underclocked to 1.2 ghz  meaning its still a 1.5 ghz chip.

    2. no i wouldn’t give up my nexus for it, once you use a nexus screen nothing else compares and looking at the screen is what i do all day while using the phone (lots of work emails and browsing etc…). however i would seriously consider replacing my wife’s thunderbolt with this, hopefully it isn’t as thick as the thunderbolt, and i know it can’t have worse battery life.

  4. To answer your question – with the GNex being my SGS2: no! I do like the extra in-built memory and the notification LED’s, but expandable memory, totalling up to 48 GB, the NoLED app, and a Super AMOLED Plus display there is no way this will be my next device.

  5. I’d take it if on T-mobile. Hopefully it has at least 42mbps, but i would prefer 84mbps

  6.  4.7 inches is nice. What about the weight? I know HTC like their alloy unibody thing. Don’t want a brick whacking against my package while I train.
    Sense… I like it, but I wish it was mroe customisable. Now I am running GO Launcher EX on my Note and am enjoying that, although Samsung’s facebook/contacts integration is no where near as good as HTC’s in every way.

    1. “Don’t want a brick…” I laughed. Nice.

    2. I hope that this phone has the same weight as my EVO one reason why I will never buy a Samsung device is because it is too light and plasticy feeling. Oh and Sprint 4G LTE support is a must!!

    3. Don’t be fooled, my HTC Rezound’s facebook/contacts integration doesn’t work at all.  It won’t stay synced and I’ve tried every solution besides a factory reset (which I dread).  It’s the one thing I hate about this phone.  I am also running Go Launcher Ex btw.  Best thing ever.

  7. This phone was very tempting, even halfway through the article. when it said onscreen buttons i was almost convinced…. then i saw that it had an LCD screen. WTF. once you go AMOLED you never go back .

    1. I went from the Droid Charge to the Bionic.

  8. Great, except for the card slot.

    1. And non removable battery…

  9. Haha that’s funny except the fact that the galaxy nexus doesn’t have a quad-core 1.4 ghz processor.

  10. will keep my G2

  11. No micro SD slot? :(

    No longer excited about this phone.

  12. I thought this would be my next phone, but no SD slot is always going to be a deal breaker. WTF HTC, you’re turning into Samsung with moves like that. It’s decisions like that which make me despise Samsung products.

  13. iPhone-esque non-removable/upgradeable anything is an Android dealbreaker for me. The only advantage this thing has over my Rezound is the processor. That may be pretty significant, but I’m happy with my ICS-packing Rezound. 16gb onboard and 32 in the slot works for me. A partitioned 32GB memory isn’t enough.

  14. I will be watching this phone closely.  Sucks as I really need a new phone and I can’t find one that I really want.  I technically am not up for an upgrade until early April, but I can get a phone at the discounted price right now.  SD slot means nothing to me as I have never taken out my SD card.  


    1. Wait until MWC and the showcase of these phones only then can we be pissed or excited!!!

  16. On-screen buttons? Wth, the pic clearly shows it has capacitive buttons….

    1. This image is really old. This is the only image associated with the phone, but it came out months ago. The final version could/will be significantly different. Including on-screen buttons.

  17. What is the deal with non-removable batteries and non-expandable memory?! It is becoming more common as time goes on. It doesn’t matter which phone I’ve owned (Android, not feature phones),I’ve always had an extra battery or two in my pocket or glove compartment :/

  18. I’d just like to point out that “memory” and “storage” are two completely different things. Memory refers to RAM, while storage refers to the area where your pics, videos, music, etc are. You can’t put music in “memory” (RAM).
    Second paragraph down: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_data_storage

    1. I think they mean storage. I seriously doubt they’re going to have a phone with 32GB of RAM. What they are talking about is 32GB of storage period, no expandability. It may be faster having the memory hardwired in, but I haven’t had a problem with lag when retrieving files from my microsd, and 16 of the 32GB on it is used up only because I haven’t gotten around to adding the rest of my music & videos. No expandable memory or storage or whatever you want to call it is a dealbreaker for me. The only way I’d go to a fixed memory phone is if there weren’t any available with microsd slots.

  19. Looks like a good replacement for my tbolt. Same size and the face looks exactly the same

    1. Hey Kja, about your tbolt.. Its screen is about .4 in smaller than the HTC One X. Just letting you know because you said they are the same size.

  20. No Expandable Memory = Bye Bye Htc

    1. I disagree, 32gb is more than enough for Apps and a large amount of media also HTC are providing a massive amount of Dropbox storage along with it. So its really not the problem you think its going to be.

      1. Cloud storage of media would be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that the carriers only offer a puny 5-10gb of data. Until I can stream a 720p movie everyday without hitting some arbitrarily tiny limit we need all the storage we can get.

  21. finally i can replace my good old droid x lol

  22. The screen is a disappointment, looks like I’ll hold on to my Rezound until I know more.

  23. HTC products have all been such disappointments. :( How is that possible? 

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