HTCDev Unlocks The Bootloaders For A Couple Of Oldies But Goodies – Hero, Legend, Eris, Mytouch 3G & 4G Make The Cut


A few Android senior citizens have found themselves wander onto HTCDev’s list of officially supported devices. The HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Eris, MyTouch 3G and MyTouch 4G are the oldest, er– newest devices ripe for the unlocking using HTC’s handy dandy bootloader unlocking tool. Nice to see HTC throw a couple of oldies in there but this ultimately begs the question: are any of our readers actually still using any one of these devices? I’ve always had a soft spot for the HTC Legend. I’ve oft fantasized of a Legend 2 with the same stylings as the original, only thinner, and with a bigger screen and better processor.

[HTCDev | Via Twitter]

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  1. The Hero, my introduction to HTC and Sense, have loved HTC since then but my next phone will be a Samsung as I’m rocking the Evo 4G with an upgrade due in four months, I’ll probably hold off to see if the Galaxy III gets announced.

  2. Hmmm, I imagine that if you’re a dev with an Eris sitting in adrawer, then it might be a good way to judge how things run on a low end device. It’s specs are pretty close to an Optimus V(or other of that series)

  3. My TOUCH 3G and HTC G2

  4. Yes. The Legend was my first Android device, bought 1 year ago. Now it’s my wife’s “phone” and I regularly use it to test my apps.

    I don’t swoon over the latest phones. They’re nice but wait 1-2 years and they’re cheap. My best phone, a Galaxy S is a wonderful phone, but so is the Legend in it’s own right, despite the fact it may never get ICS.

    I use both CM7 and Blayo ROM as a proxy for stock. I avoid real stock ROMs because they tend to be a pain to re-root etc. So perhaps I can try real stock ROMs and be able to switch back that much easier…

  5. Oh come on. The MT4G hasn’t been out THAT long. Just over a year old and still perfectly capable. Though I’m looking forward to a quad-core phone here sometime before the end of the year, hopefully!

    1. yep, still use my Mytouch 4G, nothing out now has me wanting to upgrade.  Maybe later in the year there will be some good ICS phones, but until then, its as good as any.

      1.  Totally agree, the MT4G is an awesome phone! Recently upgraded to Gingerbread and works like a charm. Even when my contract is up what will that phone do that this one can’t, oh sure it’ll have better benchmark numbers and a shiny new screen but who cares the MT4G can run apps just fine!

  6. Just ditched my old Hero on Sprint a couple months ago for the Nexus. I had it rooted and everything but it was through bugs/exploits and such.

  7. Motorola needs to learn hoe to unlock boot loaders from HTC

  8. My step father is using my old Droid Eris. O rooted out and out runs ginger bread.

  9. We still have a Droid Eris we keep around as a backup in case my wife or I break our phone (wife has used it several times, I used it for a weekend while me old D1 was being a pest), it was last used as a phone in November.

    When we’re not using it as a phone my kid’s (boys, 7 1/2 years & 2 1/2 years old) use it in airplane mode as basically an  Android version of an ipod touch.  I have several games loaded onto it for them, as well as some of their cd’s so they can use it as an mp3 player without the need for headphones blowing out their ear drums.

  10. I don’t use my Hero anymore, but it was my first android device. I keep as backup with CM7 on it lol, i now have Galaxy S2.

  11. My relationship ship ended last year and moved on to the 3D but I’ve come to see HTC treats their phones like step kids, except for the EVO 4g.

  12. Still using my Eris, but it won’t be for long because come March 28th, I’ll be the proud owner of a Galaxy Nexus! Man can that date not come fast enough. Haha. I’m running ICS on my Eris, though, so really, this phone can keep me occupied till then. I’m glad to see it’s still getting support from HTC.

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