32GB Version of The GSM Galaxy Nexus Cancelled? Online Retailer Says Yes


Adding to further speculation that Samsung could be phasing out the 32GB Galaxy Nexus is the news that some online retailers have received cancellation orders from Samsung on the GSM version of the device. Many would-be Galaxy Nexus owners have been waiting since the device was announced for the unlocked 32GB version, only to find they’ve been waiting in vain.

Expansys-USA mentioned in a comment,

We’ve just been notified this morning that Samsung have dropped the Galaxy Nexus 32GB from production. At this time it looks like they will not be releasing it. Not good news at all.


But all hope isn’t lost. It’s possible Samsung could be diverting shipments of the 32GB G-Nex to other major carriers, saving them for a big launch like when the device is officially released on Sprint later this year. Who knows, maybe even T-Mo and AT&T will get some as well? Okay, it sounds farfetched, but seeing how Verizon could soon be switching to the 16GB only version, it’s starting to all make sense.

If this news pans out, will a 16GB only version of the Galaxy Nexus really change anyone’s plans on picking up the device if/when it launches on their carrier?

[XDA Developers | Via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. If this came to Tmo i might care but….im pretty much good with my sensation 4g running the newest Insertcoin rom. pass.

    1. It is out for Tmo. GSM FTW

  2. If expansys removes it from their site, you know it’s really dead.  They’ll put up anything.

  3. So glad I got mine before they switched!

  4. This really blows.

    I’ve been waiting forever for the GSM 32GB version… The 16GB one is too limiting cos I need the extra space to carry all my music around – Google Music isn’t available outside the US – so this news seriously sucks.

    Google and Sammy, WHY DON’T YOU WANT MY MONEY?

  5. just give me the Sprint version with 32Gb nowwwwwwwwww i seriously can NOT wait anymore, i WANT IT NOW 

  6. Screw Samsung and the galaxy nexus if there’s no 32GB version. It’s either the 32GB or some other Android phone

  7. not surprised, since it wasnt that good any way. 

    1. Maybe you have your screen brightness turned up too high. Maybe you use your phone more. But, I assure you that the 4Sis experiencing horrible battery life. Google it. If you really have a Nexus, you have a far superior phone. Embrace its power. You were bragging about iPhone and HD recording. You need to be bragging about your HD screen. The Nexus has the most beautiful screen ever to grace a phone. As far as iPhone naming…when they name by version number, they go in order. There was no iPhone 2, or 3. The second iPhone was named iPhone 3G, for 3G data. The third iPhone was the 3GS for 3G data, plus faster processor. The 4th iPhone was the iPhone 4, because it was the 4th iPhone. The 5th iPhone was the 4S, faster processor. The next iPhone is #6. There’d be no reason to call it the 5th.

      1. -30% isnt high + Samsung extended battery
        -my friend use his 4s to play games a lot more compared to me. 
        -seriously, i checks and ask him about his 4s once in a while and I dont found any of those bad battery or low battery bugs. He dont bring his charger to work, no way he can charge it back and troll me.
        -the only thing i like my SGN is the unlimited 4g and the HD screen, but 4g + hd screen = battery killer.

        1. The Next iPhone will have LTE, and maybe a slightly bigger screen. It will use more battery as well. The iPhone will probably not ever have an HD screen. The resolution wouldn’t work for the apps. You know what helps with battery life? An extra standard battery. It comes with a small case to charge it in. My phone is never connected to a charger. I just change out the battery. iPhones can’t do that. Oh, and your friend has the battery bugs. It is is every device running iOS 5. I work at at&t and transfer tons of people to apple care to complain. Your Galaxy Nexus is awesome. I can’t believe you get on here and talk $hit about it. It does more, and has a better screen than the iPhone ever will. Enjoy it! You do not want a boring, locked down OS. You wouldn’t last a day with an iPhone lol

  8. 16gb just isn’t enough. Google music is US only, whilst the world is not the US and 3g is patchy for a lot of the world, never mind 4g which is still relatively young and only in selected markets. Never mind putting any video on there. Now if it gad an SD slot……

  9. This sucks! Glad I got mine already, 16gb is not enough. I admit it, “hello, my name is Cheri and I’m addicted to apps!” “hello, Cheri!”

  10. Just got my GSM GNex (running on T-mo) yesterday and I LOVE it. I’m not at all concerned about the 16GB of storage, but then I transfer all my photos to Picasa and listen to all my music using Google music. That is was used to take up all my space. For those who don’t use those services, I can certainly see how this is potentially bad news.

  11. I’ve been waiting for the 32GB version, since it hasn’t got a microSD slot I wanted as much storage as I could for the price of an unlocked device. I still find the idea of not including a microSD slot ridiculous.

    With the latest rumour I heard from TWiT, that there might be a revamped Galaxy Nexus with a better camera and graphics, that’s another reason why I’ve delayed getting one. I haven’t seen any more info about that rumour, but if there’s any possibility of it being trueI’m still using a Nexus One, and have constant “low-space” warning for internal storage and an almost-full memory card too. I’d love to get the Galaxy Nexus, but I must admit the Galaxy Note is becoming more appealing by the day.

    I’m in the UK, and have the same feeling about a 16GB device as @b58ea2c0309762a7ea6acf0003fa40eb:disqus, usage of music and/or video on such a limited-storage device is next-to-zero, especially for an HD resolution display. Even with access to some streamed content, I still have Listen downloading 10-20 podcasts weekly, and would love to get the video version rather than just audio if possible, but there’s no chance with only 16GB. Oh, and I roam a lot, so use of data for streaming all the time isn’t even feasible.

  12. The cloud just doesn’t cut it and the idea of a phone without a microSD card slot is just silly. The 32GB is a far consolation prize. The 16GB version would just put me right back where I am with my N1, frustrated over space.

  13.  The 32 gig model was redundant and antiquated anyway.  If you feel you need that much space then you need to learn to cloud.  In a few years we’ll be laughing at 32 gigs residing on a hand held device like we laugh at typewriters or 8-track tapes.  Live in the now, people.

    1. Not everyone has unlimited data or a good enough connection all the time to access “the cloud”. And not everyone wants their personal stuff stored elsewhere other than on their encrypted device. Also not everyone wants to be killing their battery by streaming stuff all the time when accessing it locally is far quicker and less battery-intensive. I’d wager that in a few years we’ll have phones with 128/256/512 gig flash in them, and we’ll still be filling them up rather than wasting data and power accessing “the cloud”.

      1. Absolutely, this.

        You can already unofficially use 64GB microSDXC cards (~$140) in some phones’ microSDHC slots, but you still have to reformat them to FAT32 (unless a custom ROM uses ext[34]) which means no files (movies) larger than 4GB. I fully expect official microSDXC slots (exFAT format) in phones this year, else, wtf.

        The cloud is NOT the end-all be-all for MOST people, however much the carriers, google and other cloud service companies would LIKE us to be dependent up on them. Seriously, what percentage of people are still lucky enough to be grandfathered into unlimited data? Should be a PHANDROID POLL…

        1. I’m one of those people lucky enough, and my upgrade comes in a little under a month. I’m a little worried, though, I was planning on getting this phone, but if it only comes in a 16GB version…well, that may not be enough for me to like.

          For once, though, I actually LIKE the white version. If this is only available in 16GB and I don’t like any other phones out there, that’s what I’ll definitely be getting.

  14. 16gb will not fit all my downloaded porn.


    1. thank you
      someone actually feels my pain

    2. this was the worst cellphone release on this planet
      Google makes an amazing phone that has the potential to outsell all the other android devices,They don’t advertise it they make it exclusive on one company , They don’t release a gsm version in america ,Im supprised Google actually decided to sell this phone they didnt keep the phones in the factory

  16. FU samsung

  17. If I were to get this phone it would have to be a 32GB.

  18. This time samsung will not release galaxy nexus 32GB .

  19. I’m torn between the GNex and the Razr Maxx. My buddy’s Maxx goes 2-3 days without charging. He’s always got it with him, always on. He’s not a heavy user but he does check Exchange mail, some web and such. If the Maxx rolled out ICS shortly, I might simply go with that for the battery alone.

    I have a Droid X now, and I think psychologically I don’t want a Maxx b/c it won’t “feel”l like an upgrade after nearly 2 years of my DX.

    If I grab the 32Gb version thru BestBuy, how long can I use it before exchanging it for a Maxx? Is there a re-stocking fee as usual?

    1. The Nexus has amazing battery life and more potential. Updates are important, too. 

  20. Frankly, not a deal breaker for me. I have a 16gb card on my phone now, and have half of it used between apps, pictures, ringtones, and a couple of songs. Honestly, about half those pictures need to go, and half the ringtones I will never use. I also don’t use many apps. Evaluating my day to day, I’m pretty much stuck in the office all day where I’m allowed to stream music, so I don’t need my entire music collection on my phone – I have an iPod for that.

    Waiting for this phone to drop on Sprint, and as long as the 16gb version is under $300, I’ll be buying it.

  21. Just bought the 16 GB version from Negri Electronics on Friday.  Should be delivered today.  They also have now confirmed that Samsung has canceled the 32 GB version.  Ideally I would love 32 GB, however I’ve been impressed with Google Music’s streaming capabilities, and my IT Manager just up’d my data plan to 3 GB!  Not going to lie though, I still may buy a new iPod Classic.  As great as Google Music is, there are hick ups that happen while streaming, and I have over 30 GB of music.  I may pay the annual fee for unlimited cloud storage.

  22. No 32GB means no Galaxy Nexus for me, damn it i was really looking forward to getting one too.

  23. I have the 32gb version, and I only have 8GB open space – and all my music is streamed.
    I have a lot of downloade ROMS and Applications, though.  16GB wouldn’t be enough for me.

  24. They better plan on fitting a microSD card slot on it somewhere then.  This is most definitely a deal breaker for a lot of people.

  25. The Galaxy Nexus saved me from an extra 5 months on the Thunderbolt. That is all. 

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