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One of the beauties of Android is that you can customize your device to your liking. The most popular ways of doing this is installing a custom ROM or a launcher. And while custom ROMs provide a fuller experience, not everybody likes rooting and messing with their devices’ guts. If you prefer going the launcher route, there is a new app that you may want to try out – FTL Launcher.

FTL stands for “Faster Than Light.” As assumed, this launcher’s main focus is speed and performance. It has been tweaked and built upon that factor, making it a very simple launcher. It lacks much of the options that we are used to seeing from other launchers, but the simplicity and performance may be something that you are into.

It is based on Gingerbread’s Launcher2 and only offers the following options:

  • Fully accelerated 3D Waterfall app drawer
  • 4 configurable quick launch apps on Dock
  • Configurable support for launcher auto-rotation
  • Configurable infinite looping of homescreens
  • Configurable wallpaper scrolling
  • Configurable support for scrollable widgets
  • Configurable number of homescreens: 3, 5, 7 or 9
  • Configurable transition speed of homescreens
  • Configurable bounce effect on homescreen transitions

After using it for a while, it must be said that the Launcher is, indeed, very fast. I tested it on my HTC thunderbolt, and I did not experience a single hiccup. Even after placing a flurry of widgets in my home screens.

If you are down to try out a new launcher, this one is surely worth the time. It is available for Android 2.3-3.0 and currently only supports HDPI WVGA(480×800) devices.

You can go ahead and download the free version, which has all the settings configured for top speed, and they can not be altered. For those that wish to have the full experience, the paid version costs $2.64 (1.99 Euros). Go ahead and check it out. And don’t forget to come back and let us know how you like it. Will you be dumping your current launcher/UI for this one? If not, which one do you prefer to use?

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  1. what a waste go launcher is 1000 * better even stock touchwiz is better

    1. This is for pure speed.

      1. maybe my samsung galaxy s 2 is too outdated to notice a speed difference between that and go launcher

        1. Good for you. Congrats on bragging about your new phone. Noone cares. Use Go launcher i dont give a sh*t

          1. Calm down buddy I am simply noting how there’s no speed difference between this app and go launcher.
            did someone hurt you today?

          2. No ahahhaha

  2. i still like my stock ICS launcher. 

  3. Sure, it’s fast, but I’d rather have a completely customizeable launcher that takes 1/10 of a second longer to load the app drawer. I would never give up all the eye candy that Go Launcher provides.

    1. Eye candy AND functionality. And not a massive resource eater either. I love go launcher.
      Btw I am not a go fanboy, I tried many launchers and for me go is just right at the moment

  4. Takes a long time for widgets and icons to load after reboot on DINC2. Will stick with sense for now. 

  5. Very fast on the experia play verizon

  6. Hm, tried to install on my HTC Thunderbolt like the OP said… but it tells me it’s incompatible, and won’t let me install it. Any thoughts?

  7. isn’t even compatible with my device

  8. isn’t even compatible with my device

  9. isn’t even compatible with my device

  10. Eh, if there’s a difference in speed, I didn’t notice it. Back to golauncher with all the trimmings tyvm. This is a step back to lpp imo. You want fast with next to no options? Have at it, I like options.

  11. Oh, and Go is FREE.

  12. Says it’s not compatible with my Bionic.  Funny b/c it is compatible with my OG Droid (I keep it around as a kiddie toy), but not with my wife’s OG droid.  

  13. there no ICS launcher. there just launcher

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