Relive The Golden Age Of Gaming With CPSEmu – CPS2 Emulator For Android


Ahhhhh.. the golden age of gaming. Back in my day, video games weren’t all about fancy polygons, texture mappings and real time physics. No, sir. Every bit of animation had to be hand-drawn using sprites by the Japanese equivalents of a Disney animators who poured their blood, sweat and tears into making a game look and perform great. This entire era in gaming was due, largely in part, to Capcom’s CPS2 arcade board — responsible for just a few of the fine arcade games you see above you.

If you’re dying to relive those special moments from your childhoood, I am happy to announce that full CPS2 emulation is now possible on your Android device thanks to CPSEmu. This is the very same developer who brought us NeoDroid a few weeks ago.

CPSEmu utilizes full touchscreen controls which aren’t always optimal for hardcore gamers. But, just like with NeoDroid, Xperia Play users can take advantage of their device’s hardware controls for precision hadoukens and shoryukens. If you’re looking to do some gaming on your tablet, CPSEmu also offers Android 3.x compatibility as well.

Before you start, you’re going to want to have a phone with at least a 1GHz processor powering your device and ROMs cannot be downloaded directly using this app. You can follow the XDA link down below to check out the thread on XDA where full instructions can be found along with a free version of the app.

If you would like to help out the developer, the paid version can also be found in the Android Market for $3.96.

[XDA | Market Link]

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  1. A Naomi emulator would be great but this is sweet as well.

  2. Since I didn’t grow up in that era…N64 seems to be the most fun to me (although I love playing SNES games like super Mario world ave donkey Kong). It’s all about what you grew up with…and I had an N64 when I was younger

  3. Bought it. Will test it on my Transformer Prime when I get home…

  4. This makes the Xperia Play that much more valuable :)

  5. Any word on ICS support?  Or Gamepad support (on TF-201)?

  6. My OG Droid is weeping…

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