Feb 9th, 2012

Amazon uploaded a new Kindle commercial to their YouTube channel today. The ad spot cleverly emphasizes the Kindle line’s biggest selling point — it’s price. The gentleman in the ad approaches a lovely MILTTTS (mom I’d like to take to Sizzler) relaxing on a resort who points out that, for the price of a single iPad, one could buy 2 Kindle Fires and a Kindle e-reader, all while still having some extra cash leftover when it was all said and done.

While many Android fans are sure to gloat, I find it interesting that Amazon could make the very same argument for another top of the line competitor — the Google powered Transformer Prime. Both the iPad 2 and the T-Prime can be found with the same $500 price sticker. One can only wonder if Amazon will be targeting Android OEM’s in their next video.

Of course, ASUS is looking to turn the Android tablet world on its head when they introduce their $250 quad-core, Nvidia Tegra 3, MeMO 370T 7-inch tablet going head-to-head with the Kindle Fire later this year.

Curious to see how many of our readers have purchased 2 Kindle Fires for their household when compared to more expensive Android tablets or even the iPad?

Thanks, Jeff!

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