Google Said To Introduce Cloud-Based Storage Service In The Coming Months


2012 just got a whole lot more interesting. Long rumored for years now, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is finally getting ready to introduce their own Dropbox-like service, allowing users to store all their pictures, videos, music and more in the cloud, for easy access across a range of devices (with an Android app no doubt on launch day). Said to launch in the coming weeks/months, “Google Cloud” will take on Apple’s iCloud head-on, by offering free storage (for the majority of users) with monthly plan options for business who need more heavy cloud storing.

Cloud storage seems like the final puzzle piece for Google to complete the circle of web connected services. We’ve already got Picasa for pictures, Google Music for music, YouTube for video now Google Cloud for everything in between. With Dropbox becoming a completely indispensable service for someone like me with a wide range of gadgets and devices, I, for one, can’t wait to see what Google comes up with later this year.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. fancy. I cant wait to add it to my and dropbox apps on my phone. love all this free storage!

  2. cannot wait for this!

  3. all this cloud stuff is fine, but i want to see the next level – which is not having to download files, edit them then upload back. 

    Want to see ‘direct editing’ as editing the file straight away without downloading it. Similar to google docs and google contacts.

    With the above functionality would want to see a cloud storage service as my file manager.

    1. you have google docs.

      1. yes but with docs u cant direct edit any file, only word spreadsheet etc.

  4. Wonder how, or if, they are gna merge anything together. I would like to see picasa merged in with it. And obviously Google docs. Then from there it would let us edit the documents and such. Anyway, can’t wait!

  5. Ummmm…. doesn’t Google Docs allow you to upload any file?

    1.  Not when you need to sync.

      1. …And not a single f*** was given.

        Haha just kidding, I’m hoping for Google to pull something cool out of their hat :D

  6. The question is how much space? With Dropbox I currently have 20GB of space. Completely free.

    Will Google give you a large chunk to start? Or will it be very basic?

  7. It will be US-only, and thus useless to a majority of the world.

    Being an Android/Google user is quickly feeling like being a second-class citizen. If this launches US-only, with no immediate, concrete plans to adapt to Europe, then I will likely pay for iCloud or Dropbox storage instead.

    1. who cares?  icloud and other apple junk services were US only for quite a while.   Dropbox and Box didn’t work outside of the US for quite a while too.  If you’re going to whine, at least wait till the product is released and they offer more of a timeline for future expansion.   Cloud services you just don’t turn on with the flip of a switch world-wide.  They take time to “beta”.

      1. People outside the US (that’s 95% of the world population) do care. Google is pumping out new services all the time but most of them are limited to the US and it’s pretty infuriating nto to be able to participate or to have to jump thgrough hoops to do so. I understand that they need to gradually roll out services but the at least a hint of when other countries can expect some love would be good.

        1. As someone below this post stated, Google is a US company. Should people in the US bitch and complain when we don’t get something as quickly as Europe does from foreign countries? If you don’t like their practices, go choose another platform. That’s the beauty of having a free market. You have the choice to NOT use something.

          1. People in the US are always moaning when stuff comes to Europe first, such as Galaxy SII.

            It is annoying that there is such a delay in getting google stuff outside the US, but its only because I want it NOW! ;)

      2. iCloud took one week to reach Europe. Dropbox launched during a keynote, and was available globally from then on.

        You only see it as ‘whining’ because you’ve never been in a position where you’ve inexplicably been locked out of a system because of some arbitrary line in the sand. See: Google Currents being a US-only Android app. Explain that one.

        It’s not whining. It’s criticising. And I think it’s a wholly valid criticism of Google lately.

  8. I already pay $5 a year for 20GB of storage on Google. What will be different?

    1.  Possibly a sync option, so I don’t have to use Picasa to sync photos, and manually upload documents, etc…

      Unified storage would be great. I might even upgrade to the $20 a year plan :P

  9. To the whiners yapping about Google products coming to the US first…

    Google is a US company. Apple is a US company. They usually bring their products to the home land first.

    Not unlike Samsung. Who brings their flagship phones to Korea firsts.

    Or Nokia who’s best phones were always in Europe first.

    1. Difference being iCloud was available in the UK one week after it launched in the US. How long do you think it will take Google to accomplish the same?

  10. Word! you guys overseas been getting phones we NEVER seen over here. its our turn deal with it.

  11. Hell yeah

  12. Only worthwhile if Google gives at least 25 gb of free space, and allows unlimited size uploads and downloads. I have 50gb of free space, but they limit files to 100mb or under which is worthless for storing movies and videos…

  13. I never never used Cloud services before, well except those already offered by google already, what will the difference be? I’ve always wanted a more Drive like account, is that what it is? As I already have all my docs, music and photos in the cloud.

    Ta :)

  14. If you are smart, don’t give this additional leverage to Google. Google already has monopoly on all your personal information. Google apps are great. But it is too much power for one company to have it.

    Check personal cloud services like Tonido ( There is no limit on how much you can store and still access from anywhere. No need to worry about privacy and security.

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