Feb 8th, 2012

It was only a few weeks ago that Foursquare updated their Android application with the ability to scope out menus without having to step foot into a new eatery and now they’re at it again with another update to their popular check-in app. Support for the Galaxy Nexus/Android 4.0’s beam feature has newly been added as well as a new social “Explore” tab for finding new food spots, coffee shops or nightlife others have recommended.

Foursquare has long been one of my “must-have” apps on my Android device and those crazy kids have consistently provided new features and functionality, it’s no wonder why I love it so. Anyone out there feel the same or am I alone in my sentiment?

You can find the updated version of Foursquare right now in the Android Market for free.

[Market Link | Foursquare Blog]

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