Jan 30th, 2012

During their earnings call on Friday, Motorola provided an update regarding the $12.5 billion takeover by Google. They have quoted early 2012 as the expected timeframe for the completion of the deal, but have noted that “factors outside the company’s control” could come into play.

As Android and Me reports, the biggest problem might come in Europe, where the US-based Consumer Watchdog has requested the EU to stop the deal via a letter saying:

“Allowing the Motorola Mobility deal would provide Google with unprecedented dominance in virtually all aspects of the mobile world – manufacturing, operating systems, search and advertising. It would be a virtually unstoppable juggernaut. We urge the Commission to block the proposed $12.5 billion deal.”

It seems like a reach to me, but Google and Motorola won’t be taking anything for granted.

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