Samsung Offers Custom Galaxy Note Engraving For South Koreans – What About The Rest Of Us?


So the jig is up. Samsung is trying to win over consumers’ hearts by becoming the “South Korean Apple” (Korean Pears are amazing, by the way). So how exactly is Samsung going to accomplish this? Well, besides their recent ad blitz poking fun at iPhone users and lets not forget — they’re amazing handsets that seem to be winning the world over — Samsung will begin offering custom engraving free to anyone who purchases a Galaxy Note. The only catch is the service will only be available until March 31st and you have to live in South Korea to take them up on their offer.

But let’s take another look at this offer. What other big named company has offered engraving on their devices — Oh, yes. That’s right — Apple. Seems Samsung is suffering from a serious Apple complex but it’s pretty easy to see why. Apple is sitting on a surplus pile of money worth approximately $97.6 billion. That’s enough to make any conglomerate drool.

Back to engraving, I think it would actually be pretty awesome for more companies (besides Apple) to begin permanently offering laser etching like this. Typically, we as Android users love our customization and I wouldn’t mind customizing my next device with a huge Android mascot. What you get on yours?

[OLED-Display | Via DroidDog]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I wish Samsung can open “REAL” retail stores in the US, not like how they had the Samsung Experience in NYC, Columbus Circle which didn’t sell anything but showcase their items. Real bummer too cause they closed down the showcase store  2 weeks ago.

    1. That’s because nobody was going there

      1. think about it the showcase store was in a mall….upstairs. If is was floor level they would have gain more traffic

  2. Me personally I don’t care for engraving as I like to trade in my older phones or sell them on ebay and craigslist, trust me when I say no one wants to buy something with someone else’s name on it, but if you plan on keeping your item for the long haul knock yourself out with all of the letters that you want.

  3. Its amazing how many phones in general are sold in South Korea considering they are not subsidized and everyone pays full retail price. I couldnt afford to pay 700 dollars for a motorola milestone when I lived there

    1. They do subsidize it with 2 yr contract. If you look online, you can even get GNex for free with $65 monthly plan for 2yrs..

      1. They didnt when I lived there, they must have recently started…..

  4. Samsung needs its SonyStyle store…

  5. Doesn’t Apple have a patent on that? ;)

  6. 1) Engraving kills resale value, so, I never do it. Besides, the protective cases would cover it up.
    2) Korean pears are not amazing – they’re bland, crunchy, and watery – the watermelon of pears (minus the taste).

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