HTC Rezound Global Capable Device? – Hidden GSM/HSPA Radios Work On T-Mobile UK


It looks like there are a few secrets hiding inside the HTC Rezound on Verizon. Apparently, after a little snooping around, an XDA member has discovered that the Rezound actually contains support for GSM/HSPA radios, making it a global capable device.

This was discovered after the device was shipped overseas and the user popped in a UK T-Mobile SIM card, set the network to “WCDMA Only” and what do you know — the phone was able to make calls and receive data. No unlock code required. There were a few complications as the device wasn’t able to send SMS messages but could still receive them.

Both HTC and Verizon Wireless have never made mention of the Rezound’s global capabilities, so we’ll have to wait and see if more tinkering and help from developers can unlock the device’s true potential. Exciting stuff, right?

[Via XDA]

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  1. How funny, I have and app for the rezound called Information so I can turn on and off LTE, and in it has the options for GSM/HSPA but I though it was just generic HTC program information and that it wouldnt actually work! Cool

  2. IMHO this is the best phone on the market today.

    1. I dont usually comment because I find it pointless…. But your statement amazes me pahha. I have utilized the top 4 Android phones on market as of now imo. The Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr, Rezound, and the GSII: Epic 4G Touch(The Sprint Version). And oh my god the rezound was pitful. The HTC sense drastically slows the phone down, the beats are pretty cool but Id rahter have a better phone then “beats technology.” The Rezound happened to be right besides a EPic 4G Touch and the image quality was night and day I was litteraly astonished at how shitty the Rezound looked. The GSII on sprint is absolutely amazing and I believe it is definitly the best GSII out of the 3 carriers in the US that carry it(until AT&T releases their HD 4G LTE Skyrocket one.) Anywho as i was saying the GSII is better than it. The Galaxy Nexus blows it out of the water in every single aspect except wait lol there are no exceptions. The Droid Razr is even better in most aspects and let me remind u I am 100% biased against Motorola( i hate them), I used to LOVE HTC until they left me with this piece of shit called a Sensation 4G. The best phone out all around is definitly the Galaxy Nexus. I also beleive that the Galaxy Nexus will still be one of the best when it is released on Sprints LTE network as long as it is done before June other wise it will be blown out the water by the GSIII.

      1. I try not to recomment on posts… But, I gave my opinion only… I have had the Nexus and I know that you are incorrect. 

      2. I wouldnt have went that far to say the best on the market today. I have a Rezound and RAZR, had a G Nex…and I do like my Rezound but as of right now I think the RAZR is the better phone overall than all 3. When you say overall the G Nex is the best…you must not be including phone and data reception…

        For data issues…I would rank the RAZR’s the least annoying, the
        Rezound would be next…the G Nex…it isnt so much annoying as it was expected. The RAZR and Rezound do better than the G Nex in the data reception dept.

        Phone reception goes to the RAZR by a mile. The Rezound and G Nex are neck n neck in that dept.

        The UI….tough to say. I like Sense and Blur. Sense has alot of extras. I like ICS overall, but there are some things I dont like about it.

         Rezound and RAZR both have good battery life. G Nex suffers in that dept too. The ROM ability goes to the G Nex and Rezound. And adding extra battery life…at the expense of form factor. Thats why I will be using something like the Anker external
        battery for all future phones. About the size of a USB stick.

        So when someone says overall….I include reception and battery life. And those 2 things are something the G Nex isnt too good in vs. the RAZR and Rezound.

  3. The FCC filings for the Rezound indicated there was WCDMA 900/2100 support that is disabled. Maybe a select few still have the WCDMA radio enabled?

    1. They all have it and there is a bug that also will make the phone bootloop and why it does that is something is making it switch to wcdm preferred instead of CDMA/LTE auto. So the fixs is taking your battery cover off to stop a signal to the phone so it doesnt keep rebooting and using dialer to key in #*#*4636*#*# and you will notice the phone set itself to wcma preferred only thing you do it switch it back to CDMA/LTE auto.

  4. hopefullly the droid 4 will be the same way

  5. OMG… conspiracy theory!  Verizon is using the high end of it’s new AWS spectrum for a W-CDMA/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ network!  Roaming agreements soon to follow with T-Mobile.  :-)

    …. in all seriousness, I’d appreciate having this as my fallback network for both voice and data… so I’m more than happy to start this rumor with no other supporting evidence aside from 1 phone… after all, HTC is already on the cutting-edge with talk+data simultaneously on all of their 4G devices… why not this too.  :-)  haha.

  6. *compatible

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