Motorola On The Offensive: Sues Apple For Patent Infringement Relating To iCloud Software


Lately, I’ve grown to loath posting another patent lawsuit and where, normally, it’s Apple indirectly attacking Google by going after an Android OEM, it’s a rare occurrence when it’s actually the other way around. This time, it’s Motorola going on the offensive once again, filing another lawsuit against Apple for violating one of their patents.

The lawsuit targets the iPhone 4S in particular for allegedly violating 6 Motorola patents (related to mobile technology). But besides the iPhone 4S, Motorola is going after Apple’s iCloud service that was unveiled last year. This isn’t the first time Motorola has gone after Apple having filed a patent lawsuit against the company back in 2010. A Motorola spokesperson said in a statement,

“Today’s action relates to the same patents we are already asserting in Florida against Apple. Motorola Mobility has worked diligently over the years to develop cutting-edge technology and to build an intellectual property portfolio that is respected by the entire industry.”

[Via WSJ]


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Apple is now gone lose in their own GAME. Since Google owns MOTO I think It will do anything not to blow this one.

    1. google doesnt own moto yet noob, it still has to be approved by regulatory agencies

  2. I really like this. I am so sick of that bastard company (Apple). Apple is fighting for their life, they are going to be irrelevant in a couple of years. I’m just shocked to how uneducated the American public really is. I mean we are behind everyone :( If people would just do some research before they buy things, we would not know who Apple is today kind of like Blackberry.

    1. Apple followers are SHEEP!!!

  3. “You will respect my technolojay!!” -Eric “Motorola” Cartman

  4. Can’t wait to see Apple fall

    1. I agree, but with reservations.  I like that there are two strong competitors.  I wish there were three instead of two.  Competition is what drives innovation.  I hope we don’t end up with one gigantic platform (like Windows) and other tiny minority innovative platforms that take two decades to become a major force (like Linux).

      I would rather see Apple grow up.  Act like adults.  Get to business.

      I guess OTOH, if Android were the only major mobile OS, then it still enables competition in another way.  It’s open source.  As Amazon has done, anyone can take the source code and run with it and build an alternative system.  All carriers use Android and are in competition.  All OEM’s offer Android and are in competition — although Samsung seems like a pretty strong competitor.

  5. What goes around comes around

  6. I’m an android person but if this were apple suing samsung or htc again everyone would be going crazy with the apple hate. I on the other hand just wish it would all stop. It’s all childish if you ask me. If apple would have donated the 100 million it spent suing htc on sick children or hungry children around the world they would be heroes and the money would have been spent on a much needed purpose. The same goes for all of the oem’s that think it’s ok to throw their money around to prove who has the biggest peanuts.
    It’s rediculous to me that any company spends more than some countries are worth while so many people could be helped with that money instead. It’s a shame that this is allowed to go on. I’m not much for government intervention but I think in situations like these something needs to be done to put an end to it.

    1. DITTO!! It’s like all the pro sports players striking for more $$. If the players of ANY sport would say lower the ticket prices instead of give me more, they’d be hero’s instead of villains. I really hate to give Baseball, Football or Hockey ANY of my time or attention. The only sport I have any respect for in this category is NASCAR. They’re the ONLY sport that I know of that hasn’t gone on strike for more $$ that I know of.

      1. Driving a car isn’t a sport, no matter how many rednecks call it one.

        On topic, fuck Apple.  That is all.

    2. Or they could of use their greedy money on dontaing computers ipads to school to use their useless school app

  7. i think the whole, apple would be irrelevant comments are a little over the top. I don’t like the way the run there business 1 bit but that doesn’t mean at the end of the day that they don’t provide a decent technology. the iPhone is certainly not on my future list but you have to give credit where credit is due, they were at the forefront of the smartphone revolution that really pushed what these things could do, and in that they brought the competition with it.

    now would i like to see them lose this, yes, they deserve it for all the BS patent trolling they have done lately but can we not stop the comments that make android followers just look like idiots?

    “Apple is fighting for their life, they are going to be irrelevant in a couple of years” lets face it, this just isn’t true lol, this is ignorance.

    1. Apple isn’t going anywhere. Can’t really dispute that. They’re sitting on a pile of cash and will soon be printing their own money. =p

      1. Sorry Chris, I disagree.

        Apple WAS the forefront of the large touch screen smart phone revolution!!! If it wasn’t for them we may still be in the T9 or 2″x3″ display Blackberry keyboard era.

        BUT Google, through their open sourced Unix (Android) platform, has shown the world that we don’t have to be sheep. Android has surpassed IOS in EVERY faced.

        How can any single MFG possibly be so egotistical to believe that their annual release of a new product can possibly compare to a product that’s improved upon every month by multiple MFG’s and a whole world of devs that work for nothing more than self satisfaction, donations and a bit of forum praise.

        Apple, with their conceded / egotistical mentality, believes that that the only chance they have to survive at this point is to use the cash surplus that they have to fight the WHOLE world through legal means against Google because they can’t possibly pay enough devs to surpass an open platform with their proprietary, outdated (in term of the lightning speed of the tech world) platform.

        A single proprietary company can’t possibly out develop the whole open sourced world!!! Apple, at this point, needs to realize that the ONLY way for them to survive at this point is to spend their time and resources catering to the sheep. Keep the sheep feeling like their special! 

        At this point Google needs to keep buying up all the patents that they can. I don’t know what patents Kodak may have but I can only imagine some of them may be helpful. Seems like fruit for the picking in a much needed arsenal.

  8. Ah, the clone wars of Apple. Who will assimilate.

  9. As it is so eloquently put in the Social Network “You better lawyer up, ASSHOLE!”

    -Honestly, its embarrassing that its come to fighting fire with fire. Since no one seems to care about patent trolling, what does it matter?

  10. Eat them motorola!!

  11. I beg to differ with Chris. I do think someday apple will crumble, just not soon. Apple is making a ton of money, but they are also missing out on even more.

    With all these lawsuits apple has filed, they have won several. They are all software patents for the most part. With apple not willing to settle on a license, they leave it up to the defendants to update the software. Apple could make billions more easily if they were to settle on an agreement.

    All that does is lead the competition to work around their patents. With jobs gone, I think they will ride the iPhone/iPad train until it is out of steam. When they start losing money again, they will be quick to sell stocks and close doors, so they don’t lose their billions they saved up. If they were to settle with the competition, they would still have plenty of incoming revenue. but its too soon to tell what will happen.

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