Counter Strike Unofficially Ported To Android Devices [Download]


What do we have here? Seems those crazy wildboys over on XDA are creating themselves an unofficial port of the first-person shooter that launched a thousand ships — Counter Strike. The game, which is apparently being built form the ground up using the Unity3D platform, will feature cross-platform multiplayer with both Kongregate and Facebook versions already released.

There are 2 versions being worked on at the moment — series 5o version for those on Android 2.0+ — and series 6p version for Android 2.3+ devices. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play owners get a special treat thanks to optimized controls, giving Play owners the upper hand when going head-to-head with slate users (can’t beat those L/R buttons). The game remains faithful to the original with all the same maps and gameplay modes Counter Strike players have grown to love.

Still extremely early and a bit buggy, download links have been provided below:

Download version 5o

Download version 6p (like cs 1.6)

If you want all the deets on development, as well as to see what you can do to help out, hit up the XDA link for more info. In the meantime, check out this gameplay video (using the Matrix Mod) featuring the Acer Iconia Tab A100 that was just uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy.

[XDA Developers | Facebook]

Via DroidGamers

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  1. So fricken amazing!

  2. how do i install i dont see an apk?

    1. james, rename the .zip file to .apk

  3. how does one play fps on a tablet much less a phone…. 

    1. With your thumbs…..and easily.

      1. naw.. phones and tablets are not meant for fps.  FPS will always and forever be a keyboard and mouse thing ^_^

        1. Maybe we could use a wireless controller for our phones and tablets? ^^
          (Or Transformer-like tablets)

          1. def could work 

          2. Yeah, I like mouse+kb as much as the other guys…

            But I’m not always near my PC and sometimes I just wanna play some FPS. :)

  4. This is amazing. I love you!

  5. Really awesome!

  6. all I can say is WOW!

  7. Possible to use hand controll?

  8. Just installed and played a few games, works pretty good on just touch screen. I’m on a Droid X. Very smooth. Would play great on an Xperia Play or and look amazing on a Nexus or Galaxy Note!

    1. It definitely does look amazing on a Galaxy Note. :) I was playing for several hours over the weekend.

  9. Go away. We don’t like spammers.

  10. He also predicted Race Wars!!!!!

  11. The matrix mode is bs go to the xda post he posted the normal one its really good!

    1. Could you point out that post?

  12. How do i change the .zip to .apk? Im on the nexus thanks

    1. easy go to rename the file from to csportable.apk and done should convert on device with no issue

  13. here is my post about it and kind of another video)

  14. this is so bad ass!!

  15. This is by far my most wanted Android port. Played CS for over 10 years, and even ran several of my own servers in the past. (Mainly superhero mod.) Looks amazing on my Galaxy Note, and it’s quite easy to control. :)

  16. On my sgs2 some of the tracks work but other laggs really much why?
    Do it laag on your phones?

  17. But does she swallow?

  18. Does Valve know about this? Counter Strike is the favorite child of the GoldScr Engine. Built on Unity?! Really? 

    I’ll go ahead and so I’m upset about this one.Glad to see the series getting life outside of the PC platform though. Give it a few months and this will be canned I’m sure.

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