ASUS Issues GPS Software Update For Transformer Prime – Rolling Out Now


Earlier today we told you about ASUS extending warranties on the Transformer Prime because of GPS issues (and even offering refunds in the UK). Well, now the manufacturer has issued a quick software update in an attempt to fix the wonky GPS performance affecting T-Prime users everywhere. The update will bring the Prime’s build version up to IML74K.US_epad- as well as update the GPS software to version 6.9.13.

Users are already reporting better performance indoors which is promising to say the least. If you haven’t been prompted for the update, you can manually check for one by jumping into your Settings > System > About Tablet and check for a new update.

This is about as good as it’s going to get until ASUS can find a way to update the aluminum backplate over-the-air. Something we don’t see happening anytime this millennium.

[Via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. They could issue a recall to replace the back plate if they wanted to. 

    1. Too costly. Much cheaper to no longer list the tablet with GPS (like they’ve done) and leave it as a surprise “bonus” =p

      1. I want me some free Jeep-e-Yes!

      2. ‘haters gonna hate’

        in other words, they need ‘something’, and what is being forgotten in this case is – Asus Transformer Prime is one _excellent_ tablet not only matching iPad2, but beating it very baaadly for the _same_ price.

        The only thing iPad2 has is twice as powerful GPU but if you need it in ‘real world’ is questionable (if you’re teen-addicted-gamer, iPad2 is no-brainer)

        I rather take 18 hours battery life, keyboard, touchpad, usb mouse, SD card reader, microSD slot, IPS+ screen with higher resolution or much better OS or any zillion other things that Prima has that iPad2 lacks (and WILL lack – because of Apple policy of keeping the iOS ‘dumb’ i.e. with productivity of android application-drawer).

        Not saying iPad2 is bad device but all that anger on most-technologicaly-cute gadget of current time is pointless – ppl should just enjoy it. It is hell of a machine & has replaced HTPC @ home here already….

    2. LOL!

  2. Did this update really fix the gps?  Has anyone noticed it working significantly better.

  3. The update has completely screwed up my bluetooth.  Can’t listen to video or audio.

  4. Why do people even matter reporting GPS indoor? It means nothing. You can have a crappy GPS that works indoors and a good one that doesn’t.

  5. I was so excited for this tab too. Now I’m left hoping another kick-ass one comes out before I deploy. I don’t want to take my laptop, playing in a sandbox reeks havoc on the keys/fans

  6. Got the update last night and it does not work. But it did make my wifi much faster whatever they did. I was pulling close to 20 mbps downloads ands up to 10mbps uploads. Asus please fix my gps.

  7. My TP is also plagued by the GPS/Wi-Fi/BT issues. I actually shipped it back to ASUS, because they told me they have a fix. I just called for a status since they received it a couple of days ago and so far all I can surmise is they’re applying the OTA I could have received at home and will not elaborate any further on the specifics on how they intend to resolve the issues perm. I’ll keep you posted.

  8. Since the update is anyone’s gallery been acting up at all. My gallery says unable to load files…

  9. Since the update is anyone’s gallery been acting up at all. My gallery says unable to load files…

  10. Another problem for Asus Transformer Prime, the thin metal above 40-pin socket will break or bend easily, mine TF201 just being charged to be able to fix it, damn design, I’ll return it back to Asus, and never buy it again!

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