Waterproofed Devices Coming Soon To US – Liquipel Can Waterproof Your Current Device Right Now


Waterproofed devices made a big splash at this year’s CES with companies like Fujitsu showing off smartphones and tablets that could be completely submerged in water all while never missing a tweet or status update.

A few months ago, we told you about Zagg’s new venture in HzO, a company with waterproofing technology that protects a device on a molecular level, shielding sensitive internal components by blocking the harmful effects of moisture and liquid. Now, I don’t understand all the technicals behind it (I don’t need to) but I immediately went for my wallet, ready to give Zagg a fist full of cash. The only problem is during CES last week, Zagg revealed that the process wouldn’t be as simple as shipping off your current device for weather proofing and instead would be shopping around for big name device manufacturers (like Samsung and Apple) to incorporate their technology in upcoming devices — some of which could debut later this year.

That’s all fine and dandy but what about the smartphone currently in your pocket? Well, Zagg wasn’t the only company showing off their waterproofing skills at CES. Another company called Liquipel stepped into the ring with some waterproofing tech of their own and unlike Zagg, it’s not only available right now but pretty affordable as well. For only $60, you can ship off your device to Liquipel who, after a few days, will ship your device back to your completely waterproofed.

Unfortunately, due to an “overwhelming response,” it seems Liquipel’s site has been overloaded with order requests. I’d imagine the process takes sometime so lets hope everything gets situated. In the meantime, I’ll continue watching their demo videos like the one below and wonder what could have been…

[Liquipel | HzO | Pocket-Lint via BriefMobile]

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  1. Even for $60 this is very tempting. I’ve never dropped a phone in water before, but then again many people can say that until it happens! This plus the trident case i just bought would make my X2 life-proof.

    High End phone + Liquipel + Otterbox/Trident/Krakken = Motorola Defy with real specs.

    1. You’re X2 is life proof already. One if the few benefits to have a Motorola…

    2. I’m holding off here to wait and see if the “Waterproofing” they’re doing results in “frying your components”. sealing them off further than the case itself is sometimes not a good idea from a thermal standpoint 

  2. will it short out if you charge it afterwards? i’d imagine water would still be in he dock for a while unless you wait for it to dry out

  3. A few days?  Would love to do it but honestly can’t part with my phone for that long.  

  4. …I hate the,”ship your device off,”part.

    1. …I’m just thinking out-loud,but if they came up with a faster process (like in-store,in a few hours) they’d make a TON of money.

  5. I wish the iPhone they were dumping water on wasn’t water proof. But I bet they used that phone because they couldn’t care less if it worked or not after lol.

    1. I wish they had shown a non waterproof one and a waterproof one side by side, just to show how good their product is. I’m not sure a few seconds underwater would really kill a phone or even damage it.

  6. Since they can’t take any orders the site is offering a 15% discount for when u do place one by using the discount code (apology).

  7. This is worthless.  Everyone buys a new phone like every 6 months anyhow. 

    1. well la-tee-da for you

  8. I’ve dropped many phones over the last 15+ years including PDA;s into water accidently,and every one has worked fine by removing the battery and drying them out for a few hours with a hair dryer.

  9. I’ve had many phones and pda’s over 15+ years and have dropped many in the water, but rescued every one by taking out the battery immediately and putting a hair dryer on light heat ,and heat them up and let them cool and repeat for an hour or so and every one has worked fine

  10. Pretty nice…. especially if you like water sports and don’t want to use a specialized (crappy) waterproof device…

  11. From another demo, as soon as the device was dipped into water, the charging/usb notification icon popped up in the status bar, so, we know that at least that port isn’t completely waterproofed (and can’t be, since the metal contacts have to be uncovered in order to make metal-to-metal contact for charging).

    My question is: What about the SD card slot? Its contacts can’t be waterproofed either, else it’ll never make contact with your card, but, if it isn’t waterproofed, then your card will short out as soon as a bit of water shorts the small distance between the contacts.

    Maybe this is only for phones without SD slots? Not that I care too much about this, as this isn’t really a feature I’d pay for, since I’m one of those “careful people” who’s never dropped a phone in the toilet.

  12. or you could just put your phone in a bag of rice and let it dry out if you drop it in the toilet.  it takes less time than sending it out to these guys and doesn’t cost $60 bucks. 

  13. Honey, you just squirted all over my I phone! Thanks to liquipel  its ok. :-)

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