Imangi Studios Bringing Hit Title “Temple Run” To Android Next Month


The Android Market is no stranger to gaming apps of the “runner” genre and it looks like you can add one more to that list with Imangi Studios bringing their hit iOS title — Temple Run — soon to Android devices. The developers revealed the news via their Facebook page where they posted images of the game running on Samsung’s Galaxy S II hardware (T-Mobile version) and diehard fans were more than receptive to the news.

As previously mentioned, Temple Run will test your reflexes with its runner style gameplay, putting you in the shoes of various explorers evading obstacles in jungle ruins, while attempting to escape hostile natives. Unlike your typical runner game, character navigation occurs through gestures and a new over-the-shoulder, 3rd person perspective. Survival is the name of the game in Temple Run with no real end to a level. The longer you stay alive. The more points you accumulate. The higher your score.

Originally, Temple Run launched as a 99 cent title but it was only when the developers switched over to the new “freemium” standard that the game really took off gaining over 20 million downloads and 7 million daily active users. It seems Imangi Studios is hoping to cash in once again, this time — in the Android Market. In-app purchases wont be used to progress the game and will only be used to buy new character models and powerups for gaining a higher scores.

Seeing how T-Mobile’s GSII isn’t running any Nvidia Tegra hardware, we can expect a more general wide release of Temple Run when it debuts this February in the Android Market. You can watch a gameplay promotional video of Temple Run below.

[PocketGamer via DroidGamers]

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  1. FUCK yes! I love this on iPad

    1. Yeah, people are going nuts for this game over on their Facebook page. Sh*ts cray.. O_O

  2. a;sldfjas;dlkfjasdf greatest game…

  3. By the time this is out nobody will be playing on iOS anymore, just like with Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, and many more popular titles.

    1. by the time we got their top apps, they are trending something else…. android always following iOS… 

    2. i have this on my ip2… not that great.  why don’t you guys download real racing 2 and join the forums lol.

    3. very true sonelone


  5. Looks like a great battery killer.

  6. The one thing I love my girlfriends iPhone for… that game is ballin

  7. Top quality gaming apps on android always 6 months behind iOS… i got bored playing this game on my friend’s 4s…. 

  8. I downloaded this on my iPod Touch after watching a guy play it on the plane ride back from CES and I’ve been addicted since. It’s quite a battery killer though.

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