Jan 11th, 2012

Like every year, Intel made a huge presence at this year’s CES showing off everything from ultrabooks, to tablets, to smartphones. As to be expected, we were most interested in the smartphone reference design they were flashing around the showroom and we nabbed some hands-on time with the device. More of a simple overview than anything, our quick hands-on time with the Intel smartphone gives you a brief look at the aesthetics of the device.

On the software side, the unit we got our hands on was all running stock Gingerbread and although it wasn’t anything we haven’t exactly seen before, we did manage to capture some video of an Intel rep using custom apps specifically meant to show off the key benefits when using an Intel Atom Z2460 processor in your next smartphone.

The Intel “Medfield” Atom Z22460 processor is the heart of the device featuring a 1.6GHz processor that, although only “single-core,” is seemingly blowing away the competition in benchmarks.

Intel was more than happy to release all of their benchmark data as well as announcing new partnerships with Motorola and Lenovo to create smartphones. These should all be due out before the end of the year and honestly, we can’t wait. Competition is, no doubt, always a good thing.