Jan 10th, 2012

Fujitsu’s line of Arrows Android phones are pretty impressive, especially the Fujitsu Arrows Ultra Slim which is both ridiculously thin at 6.77mm and super light as well. It’s so light that at first it seems cheap and plasticky, but as you can see in the video below, the Gorilla Glass screen holds up to continues punishment and even dunking it directly in water doesn’t phase it.

These phones are only available in Asian markets at the moment, but Fujitsu said they’re hoping to bring the device to the United States as well. And we concur that they definitely should.

The Fujitsu Arrows Tab, like all the devices the company displayed, is similar also waterproof. In fact, their signs even promote using it in the bathtub while you lay down and enjoy watching a movie. We weren’t so lucky when we tested the Arrows Tab ourselves:

Whether it ran out of battery at the exact moment we dunked it or their is something less coincidental happening here, we didn’t get the gem footage we hoped. However, we can confirm that we dunked several other units, wiped them off, and used them immediately after without any problems or signs of distress.

With how many phones and tablets break due to water damage, I’d like to see waterproofing become a standard feature. I’m not sure if manufacturers and carriers would like that much though, as water damage isn’t covered under insurance and broken devices means new devices that need to be purchased. Is that why we haven’t seen more waterproofing in the mass market or is it something consumers don’t highly value?

Fujitsu is partnered with Toshiba’s handset division, so we’ll make sure to keep close tabs on both and let you know when and if these awesome waterproof androids are headed outside of Asia.