Jan 4th, 2012

While the average Android user hasn’t the slightest clue on what a “bootloader” is, the Android modding community, however, is very well versed on the subject where having one “unlocked” opens up a wonderland of almost limitless tweaking and modding to one’s device. And it’s these disenfranchised Motorola customers that have taken to XDA where a mass protest is being organized by way of social media, petitions and mass emails — all in regards to Motorola’s announcement last year that bootloaders would be unlocked on their devices sometime during the second half of 2011.

Well, if you haven’t noticed, 2011 has officially come and gone and there hasn’t been a single announcement or acknowledgement from Motorola regarding the issue. It’s this silence that has Motorola customers in such an uproar. If you find yourself in this camp, grab your pitchfork sign the online petition and head on over to XDA where they’ll have all the info you need to help make your voice heard.

[XDA | Online Petition | Via DroidDog]

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