ASUS Transformer Prime 32GB Now Available At Office Depot


The ASUS Transformer Prime is still a hot ticket item even after the holiday season. If you don’t feel like paying the inflated $700+ prices on Amazon you could always opt for Office Depot who has the elusive tablet currently in stock. Unfortunately, only the 32GB version is available so those looking to load up their entire HD movie collection on the 64 gig’er will have to go elsewhere. Oh yeah, and if you use coupon code: 856155942 they’ll even throw in a free digital camera. Happy new year!

Thanks, Lee!

[Office Depot]

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  1. transformer prime or transformer?

    1. @facebook-100001876894472:disqus @facebook-100000276000708:disqus  It’s the TF201 (Prime). Even though it doesn’t say Prime in the title. Kinda weird, I know. =p

  2. website doesnt show prime

    1. tf201 is the model # for the Prime.

  3. Mine is being sent from in Gray it was shipped last night supposed to get it on the 5th! I hope so :D

    1. I ordered mine also from Best Buy and getting it on the 5th. It has shipped from Fremont, Ca. and then left San Pablo Ca. I am not sure why it is going to take so long, but I have been waiting for this for six months! Found a keyboard to at Abe’s of Maine from another poster. Any cases anyone can find for shipping now?

      1. its taking that long cause of the holiday weekend! I get mine on the 5th as well, so i look at it like this: I can wait another 3 business days

  4. Wish I could find accessories for mine :-(

  5. I stopped buying technology products from Office Depot. Their exchange/return policy is horrible.

    Amazon customer service has been amazing, I’ll stick with them.

    1. They are also overcharging by quite a bit, and suffering some serious backorders from lack of supply.

      1. If you go to and look up the Transformer Prime, then scroll down, there is a link to notify them that the Prime is available elsewhere for cheaper. They ask you the name of the retailer and price. It actually works, the more people that notify Amazon of a cheaper price found elsewhere the more quickly they adjust their price to remain competitive.

        I already notified them that the Prime is available online for less at Office Depot. Hopefully more people click the notify button and Amazon will adjust their price accordingly.

        You may have to be logged into your Amazon account to use the notify feature.

  6. Why is it not available in their store?

    1. Just found a press release from a little bit ago, apparently they wont have them in-store until sometime in January (if you want to wait)

  7. Posted this hours ago on other forums. Agent told me they had about 70 left as of 3:30pm EST 12/30.2011. I also told him they probably did not sell out yet because they forgot to put the “prime” in the title. This is a confirmed Prime 32GB model which is the TF201.

  8. Just ordered one. Thanks

  9. Rather than cheapo junk addons, try iHome portable speakers with 456801513

  10. Anyone know where I can find some screen protectors and a case for this handheld fingerprint magnet??? If I commited a crime with this beast I would be f^”%ed!!

    1. has awesome Invisible Shields!

      1. Thanks for the suggestion but that link is the cover for the original transformer not the prime……plus not a big fan of the zagg as I have one on my cell phone

    2. You do know glass doesn’t need those covers, does the glass window on your house scratch?
      I’m not being a smartass, just checkout some scratch tests, like when I had my pre minus ya needed covers but not these glass screens especially gorilla glass
      Here is an example.

  11. Yea… I work at office depot in Illinois… we don’t carry it yet… maybe u mean the office depot website??

  12. Now I need that damn cover and keyboard!

  13. Does anyone know if any retailer has the keyboard dock in stock? I ordered a Prime from Best Buy yesterday, but they just had the tablet. I can’t find the keyboard dock in stock anywhere.

      1. I can’t find it on their web site. I see the tablet, but not the keyboard dock.

  14. anyone know if it is the gray or champagne model?

  15. I would love to get one, but I don’t want to be an early adopter this time around. I’ll wait a few months until the kinks are worked out and it has been rooted. Still looks like a bad ass piece of hardware though. Can’t wait to have one.

  16. Check the office depot site and the primes are gone (out of stock).

  17. im afraid to buy it cause it does’t says prime and the battery life is diferent
    pluse nobody has comment it

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