Android’s Chinese Manufacturers Form Alliance To Defend From Apple and Microsoft Patent Lawsuits


Digitimes is reporting that Chinese OEM’s could be quietly banding together to fight off the ever looming threat of patent lawsuits from Android arch nemeses like Apple, Microsoft and Nokia. The Chinese coalition would be formed by ZTE, Lenovo, TCL, Coolpad and Konka who, it’s assumed, would pool their patent resources and share information on how to work around alleged patent infringements and keep from paying the dreaded “licensing fee.”

As the Chinese smartphone market grows — currently the largest in the world — OEM’s are sure to draw attention from Apple and Microsoft who spend much of their time attacking Android manufacturers.

[Digitimes via Electronista]

Chris Chavez
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  1. same needs to be done in the us

    1. According to Microsoft and Apple, Android sucks so why would they sue them over patents for technology that supposedly sucks?

    2. Why wasn’t this done way back when android launched? Google had a lot of attorneys back then, they were right in silicon valley, they had already dealt with copyrights with books news etc on their website, they knew better but failed to address the issue. Nokia doesn’t have problems like this, apple doesn’t go after blackberry motorola microsoft or nokia nearly as much as android, those guys did their patent homework. Motorola took care of their patents and now google finally paid a good chunk of change for motorola’s patent portfolio, google finally admits it needs to do it’s patent homework. Hopefully soon we can stop reading the same android getting sued story over and over.

  2. Cool. Stand together in a group. Easier target for Apple to focus on.

    1. Seriously your going to troll websites on your free time? Why dont you get a life and get a real job. After that you can probaly move out of your moms basement. And god lets hope thats not your real picture because your personality really matches your face

    2. because we all know that’s where Apple’s true innovation is these days…litigation.

    3. look its open mouth apple smoker

    4. Plan on the report button getting pressed for every pro Apple trolling comment you make here.



  4. I wonder if more will be done in the US markets once the Motorola sale is finalized.  Regardless, isn’t great when people band together and stand up against the playground bullies…

  5. It would be great if all of the Android manufacturers got together and blocked this. Unfortunately it is too late, since many of the biggest partners have already caved to Microsoft.

    1. not at all, actually.

      while they may have privately settled, don’t think they aren’t watching the google case. It’s entirely possible that the motorola vs microsoft case and oracle vs google case will invalidate everything microsoft & apple have done so far. As both have been invalidating patents left and right (which may be the same ones microsoft threatened – pretty likely, actually), that tells you a lot about what’s going on here. the “1 claim/patent is infringed” crap (out of hundreds)  going through the courts are giant losses by apple, microsoft actually.

      At the same time, gov’t is inquiring into these patent attacks and microsoft just got convicted of being a monopoly again, and they’re investigating apple as well. 

      It’s not like it matters, nothing apple or microsoft can do in the long term that’s going to even remotely slow android adoption at this point. In the worst case if they piss off the manufacturers enough it’s entirely possible they can:

      get around it hundreds of ways. see HTC for example.

      1. The fact that major players like HTC and Samsung caved without a fight when they’re fighting Apple in courts might mean that MS has a ace up their sleeve.

        1. hell no it doesn’t. Most of these companies do not want to spend time in court. That’s why people settle: to save money and time. it’s a “how much will it cost us to settle privately vs in courts”. Litigation is expensive, and threats are free.

          1. So why are both companies suing Apple? They aren’t going so because it’s something to do…they actually think they can beat back Apple’s defense. They didn’t even bother with MS.

            I’m saying it’s a possibility.

  6. Whole world android should band together.

  7. As the Chinese smartphone market grows — currently the largest in the world”

    Source or gtfo

    1. @HalfwayCrook:disqus why would Chris want to respond to your unjustifiably rude comment? I wouldn’t.

      1. except for the fact that you just did

          1. not really

  8. Wonder if Xiaomi will join in, they have some incredible hardware. 

  9. It won’t be long until all manufacturers refuse to pay MS’s patent license, especially after they see more and more of their patents being invalidated in these first lawsuits.

    1. the worse part is that it seems that Microsoft is teaming up with Apple to go after Android which makes no sense for Microsoft since they make more money off Android than they do Windows Phone.

  10. And in this corner…

  11. According to Microsoft and Apple, Android sucks so why would they sue them over patents for technology that supposedly sucks? “…” Really this is an fantastic part time work over internet which i never seen at my entire life, i am just running with and getting more then my salry..please visit at

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