NeoDroid Brings Neo Geo Emulation To Your Android Device – Now Available In The Market


Fresh to the Android Market is the newly released NeoDroid bringing Neo Geo emulation to your smartphone. The emulator is actually based off another emulator called GnGeo and will play all those games that were WAY too expensive to buy as a kid. Emulators tend to fall into this gray area so to avoid any legal or moral issues you should always make sure you own the original before digging around the net for ROMs. With that out of the way, playing a ROM follows the standard emulation process:

– Put bios archive ( in your roms directory (“/mnt/sdcard/neodroid/roms”)
– Put roms in your roms directory (“/mnt/sdcard/neodroid/roms”)
– Compatible with mame roms format

You’re going to need at least a 1GHz device or above to get the full Neo Geo effect. Oh and don’t forget, NeoDroid is still very much a work in progress so make sure to email the developer with any concerns or feedback you may have. You can download NeoDroid right now from the Android Market for $2.60 — and that’s like 99% off an original Neo Geo game!

[Market Link | DroidGamers]

Chris Chavez
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  1. uuuu metal slug

  2. WOW!! Sounds really exciting for Neo Geo lovers… Even I’m a geek of Neo Geo games and very interested to try NeoDroid emulation to my Android device. Thanks

  3. Time for some good old Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, KoF, World Heroes. Yeah, I’m a fighter fan. =P 

  4. Sometimes I wish I had an Xperia Play, this is one of those times.

    1. It would be better to simply wish for a phone with the same “keyboard” that the Play has…the phone itself ain’t worth wishing for imo.

  5. Do u need to be rooted?

  6. When I worked at Software Etc in college we had a wealthy Saudi family that came into town often and the women/kids would buy up the place. My manager loved them and they loved my manager. One time I got to take home the special ordered NeoGeo and all the games for the night before I hand delivered it to their hotel the next day.  It was an arcade in my home for one long night.

  7. how come I cant play KOF2000 and up? and some other ones too… ;(

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