Tablet Remote Lets You Control Your Tablet At Long Range Using Nothing But Your Smartphone


What some of my friends and non-tech savvy family don’t seem to understand about technology is it’s not just fun or geeky — but it’s also supposed to make your life easier. Thankfully, I came across Tablet Remote — which is free in the Android Market — and how it works is it allows you to control your Android powered tablet using nothing but your phone. Why would somebody want to do this, you ask? Okay, lets say you have your tablet hooked up to your HD TV via HDMI, unless you have 32ft of HDMI cable, you’re probably going to have to get up every few minutes to interact with your tablet. Not fun.


But if you had Tablet Remote installed on both your smartphone and tablet, you can harness the power of Bluetooth technology to work in your favor by linking both devices, using your phone as a very expensive remote control. Pretty neat, right? With 500,000 apps in the Android Market, if you guys know of something similar or that perhaps works better and offers the same functionality, sound off in the comments.

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Beware the spam:

    Get ready for the spam!
    app. I started getting invasive spam notifications in my phone’s
    notification area almost immediately after installing this app. I
    uninstalled it immediately from my phone and tablet.

    1. Are you sure? I did a scan of the apps on my phone using Addons Detector and Tablet Remote came up clean…?

      1. Oh, I was just pasting the first comment I saw in the market, I am not sure, no.

        1. HAHA! Yeah, I saw it before I wrote this up. Actually mentioned it in the article but after scanning my phone, I amended it. No notification spam detected :)

          1. Clearly I’m only browsing with half a brain tonight…

  2. “With 700,000 apps in the Android Market…” That’s the android activations per day chris. ;)

    1. xD

      You never saw a thing…. O_o

  3. This is nice, but my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard do just fine.

  4. Wow, are we getting that lazy. And we wonder why other countries are blowing by us when it comes to the overweight population. We need to go back to a time when there were no remotes. I grew up very poor so my toys were old bikes and even older fishing poles, we walked to fish, rode our bikes 2 miles to visit a friend. Walked a few miles to the creek in summer to swim. Played basketball and baseball for fun. And yes even got up to change the channel on the TV.
    What has happened to us, i’m not saying technology is bad but I think too much can be. I won’t allow my son to play video games, he will go for walks with me instead. I’m going to need the help carrying the fishing gear anyway.

    1. I fish all the time…. in Zelda O_o

    2. I hate it when traditional people throw that in. The ol “tech makes people fat” thing. No. Eating unhealthy and not mixing healthy foods makes you fat. If I ate nothing but fast food, I’m guarenteed to get fatter. If I ate a couple of fruit every day alongside the fast food, I won’t gain or lose much wait. It’ll even it out. 

      And not allowing your son to play video games doesn’t make sense. You’re basically saying you don’t give your son time to rest after walking and fishing all the time. I agree that it’s dumb to play video games all day, everyday, but I do agree that if you mix up active activities some  days and video games the other, it’ll be ok.

      Oh, and BTW wii do go out in play. I hang out with all my other gamer friends and we do see the Baseball and basketball court. And during the summer, swimming all day; and wii take that 1 hour drive to Galveston to visit the beach. Young kids, and young adults are active. We just want things to be more simpler as to have more time in our day.

      I, for one, don’t think tech is making us “fat”. I think it’s not getting the exercise we need. You can still have the tech in your lives, but you also have to do something else as well.

    3. Ive tried those things and find them outragouslly boring. Not everyone enjoys being outside for no reason. How ever being lazy when you can or being efficient isnt bad. Just remember to get exercise. With the many forms of entertainment we have now, i think its irefutably stupid to think spending most of your time playing video games or watching tv is wrong. And not allowing your children to do it is beyond bad parenting. On the other hand encouraging your children to do other things is more than fine. Ultimatly its up to your kids if they want to ride bikes, play basketball, or surff the internet all day. Your children have absoulutly no obligation to be anything like you, however as aparent you have an obligation to let your children be them selves.

  5. really wish we could log into the comment section with our AF account, but i digress.
    thank you for posting this! i have my tablet hooked to the television in my bedroom and really hate getting up every 26 minutes to get to the next episode of a tv show on netflix.

  6. ……. Why not just connect your phone to the tv wirelessly?? I don’t see the benefits of this unless you couldn’t do that. did anyone else see any benefits?

    1. Mind listing the TV models that can do this?

  7. I tried the app just some time ago, its pretty good… BUT!!!!! for some reason my phone just started to become really slow and very choppy (this was after i stopped playing around with the app).  I restarted the phone, had to remove the battery to turn it off and still it was very choppy, then since it was the only app i have installed lately, i managed to uninstall it, then magically no lag. So idk if its the app, but it seems to me so far.  just getting my experience in lol xD

  8. Thank you for post. Works fine, no device issues on either end.

  9. 0___0 you’ve been reading my mind. I’ve been looking for something like this.

  10. I connected a full size bluetooth keyboard to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it works awesome when hooked up to my big screen TV.

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