Samsung GT-N8010 Gains WiFi Certification – Could It Be A Successor To The Galaxy Note?


Many an Android aficionado has been patiently waiting for Samsung to launch their 5.3-inch Galaxy Note “phoneblet” stateside. We’ve already received a few leaks suggesting it could be making its way to AT&T in the coming weeks but in a new turn of events, a new device — sharing a similar model number to the Note’s GT-N7000 — has gained WiFi certification. The device in question is the mysterious GT-N8010. The higher model number suggests that it will be either a successor to the G-Note or at the very least, a similar device with upgraded hardware. This means we could we be looking at a next generation Samsung Galaxy Note. Unfortunately, nothing else was revealed other than the name but we’ll be keeping an eye out and keeping you guys updated.

[UnwiredView via Ameblo]

Chris Chavez
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  1. where are the girls

      1. indeed lol

  2. Yeah! My next tablet and phone – is a “tablone”…

    1. I love that chocolate!

  3. Or at the very least they some how figured out how to get Samsung’s own processor to work with LTE

  4. Two bucks says it’s a Snapdragon powered version

  5. I highly doubt it’s a Note successor. Samsung’s just begun heavily promoting the Note on Twitter, and it hasn’t even been two months since the phone was released. 

    Well, that and the fact that I bought mine full price makes me refuse to believe the possibility. 

    1. Skyrocket launched only 30 days after at&ts galaxy s ii. Firfefox went from v4 to v9 in months. Anythings possible!

    2. I would hope that it’s a Note successor, since both the Nexus and Note will supposedly come to AT&T a few months before I can upgrade my 1.5yr-old Captivate… and by then, they’re “old”, and I’d rather wait a few more months for the SGS3 (with a 4.65″ish screen) or the Note2 with a (5.3″+).

      (Pity the hipsters in skinny girljeans who can’t fit it in their pocket.)

  6. I don’t think this is the Note successor because I would figure if it was it would be within the same thousands of the first model number (7100 or 7200).  I am actually thinking this may be the first intel powered headset.  I mean they have been saying that they are going to announce a Samsung intel powered heaset at CES, so this could be it.

  7. Note on mobile… Please!

    1. This was originally why I didn’t buy it, however I found out you can hook it up on at&ts Straight Talk network which is even better, unlimited voice data and 3G for $45.00. Just need to buy a special straight talk phone that has this magical sim.

  8. Note on T-Mobile… Please!

  9. I just came…. On those female.

  10. T-Mobile please!

  11. This phoneblet term your trying to coin isn’t taking off, padphone is better, or even phonetab, but not phoneblet.

  12. Hopefully they add NFC and put it on Sprint.  :)

  13. I love my note. It is magnificent. But truly, at&t coverage absolutely stinks. I am having to pay to get a mini tower in my house and I will have to buy a garmin. Crap. Why did I have to fall so madly in love with this device or why couldn’t Verizon just carry it and make my life really good.

  14. Physical QWERTY please

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