The Pyramid Tablet Is Back – But Not From Dunder Mifflin


We first saw “The Pyramid” tablet back in October and although the device never quite made it off of Dunder Mifflin-Sabre’s production line, one Kickstarter believes he has what it takes to unleash the power of the pyramid. Hoping to raise $25,000, Eric Calisto will build a tablet worthy of the Dunder Mifflin name and it will run — what else — but Android. Here’s what he had to say on his Kickstarter page:

The funding for this project will be used to create an actual, working triangular tablet computer. Think of an iPad or Kindle Fire, but triangular. The concept was made popular in the hit tv show, The Office.

Tablets are fun, intriguing and innovative, but they seem to only come in the boring rectangle form factor. I will admit I almost fell into the trap of creating the same-old tablet, but realized I should change it up a bit since Apple seems to own the rights to that particular shape. It got me thinking about the need for a new tablet (ha!) and what we can do to differentiate this device from anything else on the market. So, I came up with the original (ha! Credit: The Office) idea of creating a triangular tablet that can actually be useful.

I welcome all of the KickStarter supporters to donate to this project in order to create the conversation piece of a lifetime.

Please feel free to comment with any questions or concerns.

Specs will be discussed as the project develops. The first individual to donate $5000 gets to pick the name for the tablet. I will be providing mock-ups pretty soon as well.

Yes, Android. What else?

Let’s hope this time around, it will be lighter than the 3lbs prototype and carry a little more memory than previous 50L — that is, without the optional memory booster. If there’s one thing this tablet has going for it, you gotta admit, it should remain relatively immune to Apple’s legal team. Well, as long as it doesn’t multitask. In case you needed a refresher on the tablet or wanted to hear the original pitch, you can check it out in the video below.

[Kickstarter via AllThingsD]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. A triangular tablet is so unpractical. Imagine watching a movie on that, and just think of all the apps that won’t support the device due to aspect ratio….

    1. A rectangle could still fit inside a triangle O_o

      1. Actually, Chris might be onto something here.  I can imagine the rectangle in the middle, then “extras” on the outside of the rectangle towards the corners.  Almost like widgets or extra controls.  You could have a weather/time widget in one corner, perhaps a stock ticker or a sports ticker in another corner, and icons in the third corner so that you could quick launch into another app.  Also I can see extra space being great for gamers who want the controls off the screen or even extra information like maps or something.  

        Not saying that I have a use for it, but then again I don’t yet see a use in my life for a normal rectangular tablet.  But just because I don’t have anything that I would be interested in using it for doesn’t mean that no one does.  

        It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.  Watch it be the “next big thing”.  I’ll laugh so hard at the “haters” :)

        1. I never thought about that. Cool idea!

      2. A lot of apps restrict supported devices based on the screens aspect ratio though. It would be a pretty big compatibility issue. Also even if you have a rectangle inside the triangle that leaves you with a lot of border space AND it gives unnecessary bulk to the device in terms of usability. To have a 5inch rectangle in the triangle your triangle will have to be very large to be able to fit it inside.

        1. Just have to unleash the power of the pyramid. Will solve everything. 

          1. Like a triforce perhaps???

          2. Research on the power of the Pyramid in early stages, back when they called it a triangle xD: 

  2. This is hilarious!

  3. Seriously? Boring old rectangular screens?

  4. First person to donate $5000 to that gets a smack in the mouth.

  5. Apple’s gonna make one and call it: the Apple iPie

    then they’ll sue these guys for using triangles

    1. I was thinking the Apple PiE

      1. Lol.. I was thinking Apple π (Pi)

        1. Apple iπ (imaginary pi)

          1. The pie is a lie!!!

            But all apple trolling aside…..shouldn’t they be afraid that Dwight Schrute will sue them? He’s evil enough to attempt it!…Yet stupid enough to never win…ha just answered my own question lol!

          2. “shouldn’t they be afraid that” Steve Jobs “will sue them?  He’s evil enough to attempt it!…Yet stupid enough to never win..”

          3. savagejeep – I’d be really impressed if Steve Jobs sued them; I don’t think he’s looking too good right about now. Or even has a pulse, for that matter.
            (Too soon? lol)

  6. It will need an app that will allow you to align 4 of them and have their screens rotate to create a square. Then you could watch movies :D

  7. Apple will argue that it looks too much like an iPad with half the screen covered. Still not going to cut it guys.

  8. Actually, I’d be more worried about NBC’s legal team coming after him. He’s not even trying to hide the fact that this was inspired (or “ripped off” as I’m sure they’d see it) from their show.

    I’m not even joking.

  9. It’s funny, but anyone who actually donates to this fund, needs a psych eval :)

  10. the idea is as funny as the tablet is impractical

  11. I think an oval would be a better idea =p.

    1. you say that jokingly, but yeah, it actually would be, at least with an oval you get basically the same area as a rectangular tab… just… extremely rounded. haha. 

      1. an oval shaped tablet with a rectangular screen would probably work great.
        all software available at this time is designed for rectangular screens, so you can’t really use much other shapes.
        and with a round body you will have a thick bezel right around the spots where you’d hold a tablet.

    2. I actually prefer regular dodecagons.

    3. Let’s go for a hemisphere. round bottom with mega battery!

    4. I want them to make a hepteract tablet.

    5. I dunno, Apple’s lawyers designed a pretty awesome tablet themselves! smh

  12. WTF, this shyt is gay az fuq….whoever came up with this concept deserves to be jerked off by a cat with the claws out….omg i feel stupider for even reading this retarded shyt…WTF O_O

    1. Judging from the diction and syntax in your sentence you need to feel “stupider”.

    2. soo.. you’re pretty much flat-lining the EEG by now then, right?

      1. i spell that way cuz its my internet language, its called idongivafuqifmyspellinizfuqqedupcuzuallcaneatadiq!!! Leran it, like it, love it!!! >:)

        1. Internet language. Well damn, here I thought we were all speaking English.. Sorry guys guess we have to switch now, and if reading this made you feel “stupider” I just wonder what it feels like when you pick up a book and try to read it…

          But seriously dude… No one likes the kids who can’t take the extra 10 seconds to speak English online. I’m actually wondering why you don’t do it in the first place? Never asked someone haha.

          1. Why would anyone type incorrectly? The chance of someone misunderstanding you, even if you have a good point, is much greater. And said good point will be disrespected as it wasn’t communicated in a proper manner. 

            Next time you have to file a complaint with your manager/boss, try saying “Yo dis is whack, check it aht.” Nobody will take you serious there, nor here with that grammar. 

          2. 3NGLSH 1S 2 MNSTRM 2 USE 0NL1N3. 

    3. WTFuq az gay az yt soundz, yts something dyfferent. so whi not?

    4. Dude, please shred your keyboard and go have a vasectomy so you can never breed.

    5. I feel slightly less intelligent for trying to read that post.

  13. Bears! Beads! Battlestar Galactica!

    1. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica


  14. I shall name thee “Dumbest Idea Ever”

  15. Will Apple still gonna sue it?

    1. Yes, and hata’s still gonna hate.

  16. Should make it an actual pyramid shape for multiplayer fun.

  17. “The concept was made popular in the hit tv show, The Office.”
    Oh. He doesn’t realize it was made popular because of how ridiculous and stupid it was…

  18. It shall be named the Pharaoh Tab…or the Great Pyramid.

  19. Illuminati Tablet (it had to be said)

    1. Needs an unblinking eye wallpapper…

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