Overkill From Craneball Studios Now Available For Android – Nitty-Gritty, First Person Shootin’


Craneball Studios is at it again, this time with their newest Android offering, a nitty-gritty first person shooter called Overkill (gotta say it from the depths of your throat). Deviating from their more “cutesy” styled title like Super Rope, Overkill pushes you headfirst into a post apocalyptic future where you must kill to survive. Okay, so while the story is relatively uninspired, the gameplay is where you’re more likely to focus your short attention span.

Similar to games of yore like Mad Dog Mcree (is my age showing?) or more recently, Contract Killer — you take control of a stagnant character, only moving around the sights of your weapon to eliminate the enemies onscreen. You earn money for your kills that can be used to upgrade and customize the wide array of weapons at your disposal, furthering helping you shoot your way through Overkill’s 5 battlefields. A few more Overkill features include:

Stocks, carts, scopes, frontmouths, barrels to upgrade = over one hundred combinations. Weapons include AK-47, M4, RPG, RG6, MP7, MAG, MG4, MSR, SCAR, MARV, HK 417, P90, TECH III

100 waves with 5 extra hell waves in 5 locations

Different enemies to kill, heavy flying drones to destroy

• lots of blood, explosions
• awesome high-definition graphics
• music and sound effect
• upgrade your weapon the way you like, take a Snapshot and send it to your friends
• detailed Stats you measure your progress (kills, bullets shot, accuracy, etc)

Keep in mind that while Overkill is very much free to download, some weapons and power-ups are locked and can be unlocked through a variety of options like in-app purchases or sharing the app on Facebook. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. You can check out the full trailer for the game below and Overkill is available right now from the Android Market.

[Market Link]

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  1. If it’s free, I guess I have nothing to lose.

  2. more of a gallery shooter type game than a FPS.  looks good though.

    1. That’s the word I was looking for! Like Mad Dog Mcree! :)

      1. lol.. nice.  thanks for the Sega CD flash back

  3. this is not an FPS.. It is a Gallery shooter. I got board with it quickly. Nice graphics though. Also, it can get pricey when it comes to in app upgrades.

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