Verizon Galaxy Nexus With Official Extended Battery Caught In The Wild [Pics]


The Galaxy Nexus is almost upon us (we’re now hearing the — take it with a grain of salt — 20th) and if you were looking to do some serious gaming or streaming as soon as you get your hands on the device, you’ve probably considered forking over the cash for the official 2100mAh extended battery. Definitely not the behemoth batteries were normally used to (see HTC Rezound), the Galaxy Nexus extended battery is more slim and stylish. Just how much extra thickness are we talking about here? Well, check out the pictures below to see for yourself!

What do you guys think? Does the extended battery add too much junk in the trunk? Or is the slightly added thickness and $50 price tag worth having a few extra hours of data streaming?

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. What? The 20th now? I’m tired of getting jerked around by Verizon. 

    1. You are getting jerked around by Phandroid, actually.

  2. where did you here the 20th i keep hearing the 15th from all stores here

    1. i think he doesn’t want our hopes up. better early than late… well… you get the point

  3. The 20th now?! Fuhhhhq

  4. lol, the 20th. what happened to the 8th? the day after thanksgiving? the day before thanksgiving? point is, i’ll believe it when i see it.

  5. The 20th? Everywhere else is saying the 15th still.

  6. How many more hours are we looking at here under 3 & 4G? I would love to know just how much more time you get. Looks tons better then the one for the Thunderbolt for example. 

    1. 13.5% more hours.  

      It all depends on your usage.  But however you use it, you’ll get ~13.5% more time out of it.

  7. I’m not hearing the 20th. If I did my ears would bleed.

  8. yea, 3 days till and still not a word out of the assholes.

  9. Welp…you killed the chance of getting any feedback on the extended battery by including that one little parenthesized phrase…”(we’re now hearing the 20th)”

    As for the battery (the reason the article was written) I think it’s great.  People keep saying that you’re “paying $50 for JUST 250mAh”.  But the way I see it, you’re buying an official (NFC enabled) second battery.  There are certainly times (like a long day of snowboarding up at Tahoe) where I would love to have a second battery.  For me, $50 is totally worth it.  And in the mean time, my primary will be over 10% larger.  Win.

    1. I am a BIG fan of extra batteries.  I purchased 3 china batteries for my OG Incredible off ebay for $10 shipped.  It came with a battery charger that changes colors when the battery is charged.  If I use my phone hard, I will run through 2-3 batteries a day.  I NEVER have to plug my phone in. 

      Though the GNex will probably get better mileage, I still plan to get extra batteries.  They fit nicely in the small square jeans pocket that never gets used (usually on top of the right side pocket). 

      I would like to get the extended bat for my extra but don’t want to have to change back cases.  Would the standard battery stay in place under the extended back?  If so, then the extended back becomes standard and the purchase is justified. 

      1. Don’t expect them to be cheap and of great quality as they need the NFC in the battery otherwise you don’t have that feature.

        1. True but I’m not sure how much I will use that feature.  And there is no way I will be buying extra batteries at $30/pop.  Also, it’s the external charger that is clutch.  When my phone hits red on the battery indicator (~10%), I pop out the battery and slide in a fresh one.  Put the charger back in the wall and I’m off with a phone back at 100%.  No wires necessary.

  10. Is there a mouse in your pocket? Because “we” haven’t heard the 20th?

  11. THE TWENTIETH?!!!!!!!????????????!?!?!11?1?11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  12. Anybody else just refreshing the page waiting to hear the good news of an offical release date for this bad boy?


    1. if its worth it im switching to verizon as i have 22% discount.. but this hold up is killing me -_-“

  13. We wont see this phone until after xmas lol

  14. Ever since this phone was announced as a “Verizon exclusive,” Verizon turned all of us on our stomachs and has been ass raping us with no lubricant.

    1. You know they charge extra for the lube. 2 oz/month for $9.99 or a more comfortable 10 oz/month for $29.99(obviously the better deal).

      1. Also, word has it they’re even considering an unlimited lube option, although there’s nothing officially official yet. *Crosses Fingers*

        1. Im on the grandfathered unlimited lube.

        2. I heard that they are planning on a family lube plan where everyone can share….

          1. Yea well they already have a family and friends plan. You can use the lube on any five, but for everyone else, it’s back to being dry.

            Fortunately, nights and weekends you can lube it up.

    2. They’ve been doing this for years.

  15. I’ve accepted that smartphones in general are basically “occasionally” wireless :-)   But a lot of the time my phone is tethered to a life-giving energy source of some kind.  So … no humpback batteries for me !

  16. My boss’ cousin’s dog’s barber’s neighbor knows someone who’s father is a Verizon rep, and supposedly he says the 22nd.

    Call me old fashioned, I’ll buy the spare battery kit.  Yes, 250mAh less(oh my!), but hey, they make for it with the spare battery charger/charging dock.  As often as I’d even need to change them out in the first place, the 250mAh wouldn’t get used.  Hell, if it gets better battery life than the Thunderbolt, I’ll rejoice until I realized I’ve sucked battery life out thinking I wouldn’t need to preserve it.

  17. LOL! It was a minor statement to show more or less that nothing is official. Everyone is saying something different. It’s pretty nuts actually. I honestly don’t even think Verizon knows =p

  18. Should have been stock with the 2100.

  19. I’m not going to need an extended battery. I won’t even need a battery at all, because I’ll be dead before I ever get my hands on this phone. Of old age. And I’m 26.


    2. What he’ll need is an extended ticker! *rimshot*

  20. Omg this is so comical at this point. now there hearing the 20th. Verizon will never get another nexus

    1. Unless they pay for it again…

  21. I wish cell phone companies had a reason to care about the early adopter market.

    1. But the battery looks worth it. It still looks thinner than my OG Droid.

  22. You guys on Verizon are lucky . The gsm version ,that i have, does not have an extended battery yet, and we cant just grab one from Verizon because they are shaped completely different. I would kill for an extended battery ;) 1750mah just isnt enough juice to get through the day comfortabley.

    1. Are you trollin us? Because I envy you for having a Gnex in general.

      1. Haha. Seriously.

      2. No, definitely not trolling. I was affraid someone would think that after i posted it. But i didnt mean anything by it. Just stating the fact that we dont have an option for an extended battery, because the battery life isnt very good. Some people have said they get 20 hours or more with the gsm variant, but i just did a cycle and im just at 11.5hrs on a full charge. So it would be nice to be able to get a few more hours or so. Im actually rooting for you guys, i hope you get it soon, because it really is an amazing device. Android in its purest form, nothing better than that ;)

        1. GOOD GOD MAN! What are you doing to the poor thing? Coming from a Nexus S my battery life doubled!

          1. lol i wish i knew. I think i just got a bad battery with mine. I came from a sensation and i used to easily get 20 hours out of it. With my Gnex , i barely have to use it and the battery just starts draining. Ive turned off syncing, auto brightness is on, and i turn off location.

          2. My HTC sensation battery sucks

        2. I get about the same out of my GNEX as I did with my N1, it will last a day on moderate use. I’m often going up to London  for the day and getting bored on the 1 hour train journey so I’m keeping myself busy with the phone. If you then add some map browsing, restaurant reviews, price comparison etc. the phone is close to dead on the return journey :-( So far, no official Samsung GNEX spare or extended batteries are available in the UK…  When I first got the phone a week ago I really started liking how thin it is and I’d like to keep it that way so a spare battery will be my first choice and, unlike the N1 the GNEX boots up really fast.

          1. you can order an official galaxy nexus spare battery with external charger off some websites , but so far from what ive seen there are no extended batteries for the gsm version anywhere… :(

  23. I have to say I’m not regretting that I pulled the trigger on the Bionic. The Galaxy Nexus is awesome, but if I would have waited, I would still be waiting obviously and my OG Droid was on its last leg. It had become practically unusable with the touchscreen doing whatever it felt like doing and my options were getting the Bionic or falling back to a friend’s Blackberry to wait it out for the Galaxy Nexus (or whatever we were calling it back then). I’m kind of glad I didn’t wait. My Bionic has treated me fairly well.

  24. Sigh…The razr is looking better and better day by day.

    1. Don’t do it! That’s exactly what Verizon wants you to think. Just hold on a little longer and we can have pure Android 4.0 goodness. 

  25. I’m pretty sure Phandroid is the only one “hearing the 20th”. Not that they’re wrong. Hell it could come out tomorrow, for all we know… but if you’re hearing the 20th, this is bigger news than “omg hai, look at this battery!”…

    1. Meh. We’ve heard all kinds of dates. 20th is the new one. No biggie. 

      Now if I said, “we’ve received hard evidence that the 20th is the new official date,” that would be a whole lot different. =p

      1. lol not hatin on you Chris, I just really hope you’re wrong. I’m selling my tbolt tomorrow for $300, and am gonna be using a flip phone until the GNex shows up. 2 days without android is doable. another week is gonna be very difficult!

        1. No offense, but who the hell wants to buy the Tbolt for $300?!

          1. i completely agree! thats why I’m selling it today and not waiting for this guy to think about what he’s doing

          2. Smart man

  26. It’s almost 2012, why can’t anyone take a damn clear picture like they aren’t 6 years old…

    1. lol I don’t think people believe it unless it’s blurry, like a dream or something

      1. It’s almost like they get the phone all set up, get it posed right, then say, “Ok, now where is my shitty 2MP Nokia camera phone from 2003?  Oh, there it is.  This is gonna be sweet.  Can’t wait to post this to the internet using Netscape…”  LOL

    2. Because most people don’t care to get focus, exposure, etc, correct (even on auto).

  27. I know when the phone is going to be released folks. It’s coming out Dec. 31 at 11:59pm. When they said “later this year”, I think they really mean’t it.

    1. LIAR!

  28. 50$…thats nice to have an extended battery yeah…but, I still say thats alittle high…maybe 20$ to high…

    1. Yeah, i’ll wait to see the life of the OG battery before i unload $50 more

      1. From my test it last twice as long. Under my normal usage I have been getting 24 hours battery life with my G1, Google Ion, Nexus One and Nexus S but the Galaxy Nexus last almost 48 hours. Of course I’m talking about the HSPA+ version and I expect that LTE radio to really put a beating on the battery life, nothing will change that. The Verzion one can probably also last 48 hours but on 3G with 1mbps speeds and that isn’t acceptable.  

        1. 1mbps sound like sprint speeds and not verizon speeds.  My verizon buddy gets about 3 mbps on 3g

          1. Is that constant or max speed? If that is constant then it is ok.

          2. i think his constant is between 2-3. I used to get that on sprint 3g as well, and 10-12mpbs on 4g until they decided to slow my speeds to molasses. now im lucky if i get 2.5mbps on 4g -.-

    2. If it has the NFC in it then its justified.

    1. lol!

  29. I’ve said this before. This phone will not be released until all of the new Motorola devices are released. That will make this phone the talk of CES in January. So all of us will have to wait until then.

    1. Negative Nancy!

      1. More like “Realistic Ryan!”

  30. Well the official extended battery is very good on my Galaxy S II, its a bonus for sure.

  31. It’s coming out on Thursday 12/15/11 you can take that to the bank! I know for sure!!!!!!!!

    1. and you know because?! (i want to believe!)

  32. It’s going to be out on Thursday 12/15/11! Take that to the bank!

  33. Off topic question, Newegg has the GSM galaxy for $699 but in the specs it lists a LTE 700 radio. will that work with Verizon LTE or just ATTs? 


  34. The 20th….really? Hey Big Red go ef yourself. At this point I’m sick of the BS. It’s like the chick in high school who you put a ton of time in to and when she finally put out was a lame lay. They should call this the nexus blue balls.

  35. I don’t suppose there’s any actual, you know… *measurements* for the extended vs. standard battery?

    I mean, something better than a blurry, not-side-by-side photo might actually add something useful to the article. As it stands, I can just about tell that the guy in the photo is holding something that resembles a phone — that’s it.

  36. not bad at all, I actually kinda like it

  37. For what it’s worth: I went into my local VZW store yesterday and the manager said they didn’t have the GN, but a salesman offered to go into the back room and look at one to see if they were 16 or 32gb for me as soon as the manager was with another customer. When the manager came back he was giving the evil eye to the rep who was helping me for admitting that they did, in fact, have them in stock. Then the manager spent 15 min trying to hard sell a Razr. 

    I called the main Verizon customer service line this morning to see if it was available for pre-order and was told that, according to the general device listing info, there was no indication of a release before the 25th (which was as far as the records went). I got the feeling that the CR was towing the company line, but it was disappointing to hear regardless.

  38. My Verizon rep just texted me to say they are releasing tomorrow.

  39. I would get the extra battery, I have one now for my htc doubleshot, and I love it.

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