Motorola DROID XYBOARD Now Available From Verizon Wireless


It’s not quite the Galaxy Nexus but the Motorola Droid XyBoard is now officially available from Verizon Wireless. A quick visit to Verizon’s site will give you all the information you need to know on the pair of Honeycomb tablets. The Droid XyBoard comes in a few different varieties; first we have the 8.2-inch model with 16GB for $430 or 32GB for $530; 10.1-inch model comes with 16GB for $530, 32GB for $630 or 64GB for $730. All prices reflect a $170 discount with a 2-year agreement on an available data plan.

Both models of the Droid XyBoard feature a 1.2GHz Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, 5MP rear camera with matching front facing camera, Android 3.2 Honeycomb and of course, compatibility with Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Pricing is a little steep for my blood but perhaps some of you out there will be clamoring for one? If not, has something else that caught your eye?

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  1. Will it make phone calls?


  3. Android 3.2 you mean? Or is Motorola going rogue on this one?

  4. someone please explain why this is better than the Xoom

    1. You see those corners, man!?!? They’re curved!!!! 

    2. “It’s the first 4G LTE tablet worthy of the name Droid”
      that’s not ambiguous at all! :P

  5. Time to buy a cheap xoom :D

  6. Nexus plox…?

  7. its like a giant razr

  8. No way is it better than the zoom. It doesn’t even have card slots

  9. Isn’t it a omap processor

  10. Is it just me or does the source link in the article as well as VZW’s link off of their own homepage take you to a page that says “We’re sorry, there aren’t any devices that match your filter selections. Please try again.”  Did someone at VZW jump the gun updating the homepage?

    EDIT: Seems to be something wonky going on in Chrome. Opened in Firefox just fine…

  11. With Tegra 3 quad core tablets coming out, who would want to buy these tablets?  Even the name sucks.  Droid = yesterday’s news.  Give me a Transformer Prime with ICS on it.   

    1. Droid Bionic/RAZR. That is all.

    2. Droid is just the name Verizon puts on all their android phone….

  12. It’s like a person from the Apple-to-Samsung advisory board and a person from the Atari Graphics Department came up with the design for this design monstrosity and came up with a shitty price! 

    Yeah…  No. 

  13. Oh now I get it, they released the Droid tablet instead of the nexus today. Lol sounds just as plausible as everything else on why its not out.

  14. I know this news has nothing to do with the Gnex, but I have a theory that we will not see the likes of it with Vzw until all end of the year Motorola products have been released. Just my 2¢.

  15. Looks cool but yeah way over priced.

  16. I think the next question the internet will have to ask is: “will it blend?”

    1. Can it play crysis? If not its taking an arrow to the knee.

  17. WOW better head to VW early! I am sure there will be a line around the block!

  18. And this, ladies and gentelmen, is why the Nexus got delayed.  Yet another device Verizon cares more about and needs to sell desperately before people figure out it’s crap.

  19. EXPENSIVE! I’d rather buy a Zoom lol

    1. Yeah the subsidies on tablets are piss poor. The retail on tabs vs phones is about the same, with some phones being even higher, yet the subsidies are terrible. 530 for tegra 2 and a measly 16 GB storage? FAIL FAIL FAIL!

  20. and i should get this instead of my asus transformer prime because….

  21. $700 for a tablet?  Does it come with a Desktop PC?

  22. This type of pricing is NUTS!  When basically you have a netbook without a mouse and keyboard.  Don’t buy into these prices.

  23. It would be nice if in the comments section we could learn something new about the device. Instead, there will be 1,000 entries on how expensive the Xyboard is and how stupid Verizon is for selling it.

    For those considering a tablet I would offer a different perspective. I have a first generation iPad 3G but prefer Android for nearly everything. I dont play tablet games and use mine for work and am on the road a lot.

    I had my heart set on a Transformer Prime and thought I would simply tether it to my RAZR’s hotspot, so pre ordered it. Then came the Verizon XOOM “fire sale” which led me to buying one. Having read all the terrible press by commenters on blogs I was extremely skeptical and only bought it because Verizon gave me until Jan 15th to return it (with restocking fee).

    My review: the XOOM is awesome and regardless what benchmarks say, it does everything better than my iPad and fast enough that I don’t long for quad core any more. The 4G is unbelievable, and I can create a 4G hotspot on the XOOM in places where my RAZR doesn’t even have a signal. While larger and heavier than the Samsung, I think it feels of a higher build quality. The battery seems to last as long or longer than my iPad but re-charges in a fraction of the time. The only thing that is annoying is the lack of full Exchange security features so I am forced to use Touchdown for corporate sync.

    Based on my experiences with the iPad, XOOM and RAZR I would definately suggest the Xyboard over a 3G iPad 2 (which my fiance bought). Think about it, Apple is selling boat loads of $829.00 3G 64GB iPad 2’s so a $625.00 4G 64GB Xyboard (coupons) is a relative steal.

    If you don’t think you can afford, or simply don’t want, another wireless bill and have decided on choosing a Wi-Fi tablet then there are dozens of less expensive, and potentially better, options. Just don’t under estimate the luxury of built in 4G.

    I think I am going to keep my XOOM and pass on the Xyboard only because the XOOM does everything so well that I can’t justify returning it. I am pretty sure I am going to punt on my Prime for the same reason.

    Just my experience so let the badgering begin…

    1. Coupons?  Please elaborate.  ;)

    2. Both are horribly priced on contract. The gal nexus retails for more than both of those tablets and can be had for 299…. carrier tabs are overpriced, period

  24. I’ve only ever owned Motorola Android Devices – DX and DX2 – and have loved them.  Why Motorola is trying their best to FAIL in the tablet market is beyond me!!  Have they not learned from the Failed Xoom??? Anyone who purchases these items at that price should put their money, and maybe their hand in a blender. TFP all the way….

  25. I stopped by a verizon to see the Xyboard. I will be keeping my XOOM.

    It comes with a stylet, and clip on stylet pouch and I used it with the note taking program. It wasn’t very good for hand writing. Not impressed.

    The Xyboard was thinner and lighter than my XOOM but it seemed “cheap” rather than “advanced”. The display was brighter and looked a lot like my RAZR and was pretty impressive. It didn’t seem any “zippier” than my XOOM. In fact, I felt it was possibly slower.

    The XOOM 2 manual shows a micro SD slot but this isn’t accessible on the Xyboard only a sim card.

    I am a big fan of motorola android devices and pretty biased, but I think this is going to be a tough sell.

  26. I’ve only owned Motorola devices, Droid, Droid 2, Droid X. I think the pricing is way too steep to compete with the ipad. I hate using the ipad as the benchmark but since its the dominant tablet, it makes sense to price competing tablets accordingly. I’m an Android guy all the way but the ipad is a way better deal than the Xoom or Xyboard. My next phone is gonna be a Samsung and the only tablets I would buy is the Galaxy series lineup.

  27. They are offering $100 off 4G devices. There are a few options out there.

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