Judge Denies Apple’s Bid To Ban Samsung Smartphones and Tablets In The US


Okay, I’m going to try and do my best to refrain from “playground talk” but… IN YOUR FACE, APPLE. Today, United States judge Lucy Koh has rejected Apple’s bid to block Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets in the US. Apparently, it wasn’t clear that a ban on Galaxy devices would prevent Apple from being “irreparably harmed.”

No comment from Apple or Samsung just yet but I think we can all agree that this day, justice has been served. To the left, Apple.

Thanks, Dy4me!

[Via Reuters]

Chris Chavez
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  1. This made my year.

  2. Of course Apple is being irreparably harmed! They can’t keep up with that big meanie-head Samsung who’s actually putting stuff out that people want! 

  3. Are you in in ….inn?…..are you there …there? ….your out I’ll try back later

  4. finally..  a judge that has a brain.  

    1. can we have a group “fuck you apple”

      1. Fuck YOU JACK ASS APPLE

      2. Fuck you apple and the horse you rode in on too!!!

  5. In a world where common sense isn’t so common, common sense one this one.

    1. In a language where words that sound the same and have different meanings are spelled differently… you have not won this one.

      1. ehehe, woops x)

  6. Yeah…that would have been bad all around…regardless if Samy copied off of Apple…some.

  7. Haha u got served picture

  8. I thought Americans were the most ignorant and brainwashed.
    Guess I was wrong.
    Germany it is.
    Hope Samsung learn something from all these.

    1. Way to generalize. Bet you’re good at math. 

    2. HAHA you don’t live in the greatest country on planet earth and your jealousy shows. douche nozzle

      1. Dear Redneck,

        Stop making the rest of the world hate us.

        The Intelligent Americans

        1. 1) that would have more effect if I was The_Kentucky_Guy.
          2) Atlanta is incredibly culturally diverse.

          Lesson is:
          Scott is a fuckin moron

          1. Also I am black so try nigger next time cracker.

          2. So sorry, I only expected such ignorant, nationalist and childish behavior from a Redneck… I stand corrected.

          3. way to throw us under the bus….

  9. Apple: We will fight tirelessly to protect our products and our designs. We cannot sit idle while our competitors brazenly rip the rectangles and rounded corners we’ve worked so hard to create.

    1. Dont forget copying the centered screen, the color Black, having a thin profile, flat front, and a bezel……………  o_O

      1. I actually hope Samsung does away with bezel. With the release of 4.0 there is no point for it.

        1. A bezel of some degree will always be necessary tho, or else you will be touching the screen all of the time when you don’t mean to causing all sorts of mishaps.

  10. If there was a ban before the nexus was released, I would probably destroy every person involved with this

  11. okay finally this can all be ended now.

  12. US patent system may suck but at least its not like Germany!

    1. hmm?? you got something wrong, samsung galaxy tab was not banned from our markets, because of “patents” but because of a “look like” / “taste sample”. But this has nothing to do with patents, this is a regular problem with translation between german and english.

      1. A ban is a ban and still sucks.

  13. Apple may become so desperate that they start suing us for buying anything that’s not an iPad or iPhone. Apple grow up!

  14. *points and laughs at Apple*

  15. Phandroid, where’s the +1 button? I so wanna plus one this one… I’m on my Photon 4G so does that make a difference?

  16. Since when did Apple become Microsoft?

    1. A long time ago actually. Cant find it but i have a picture somewhere of Steve jobs and the caption Microsoft 2.0. I thought it was true so many years ago when i first saw it, more so today.

  17. I love the Samsung ad all the apple idiots lining up for the same phone then they see a real phone and get all butt hurt to funny.

  18. Awww did the pouty brat not get his/her way on this one. Awww so sad. Bwaaa haa haaa!!!

  19. Careful, apple may try to claim patent on people having thumbs and using them to operate a touch screen! As a very happy Samsung 10.1 owner, I couldn’t be happier to see this!

  20. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha……………………..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  21. Screw Apple. All they are accomplishing is looking like butt-hurt little cry babies. Why are they harassing the shit out of Samsung? Steve Jobs was crying and whining about Android before he passed (no disrespect, he was brilliant) – why wouldn’t they go after GOOGLE? Ohhh, I see, they know they’d lose that battle so they’re going after handset manufacturers. Get a life Apple.

  22. But Samsung’s devices are rectangular! Apple owns that!

  23. Lmfao! Crapple

  24. US Judge: ok Apple, what’s the problem?

    Apple: well, now that I’m on my turf. Sammy Boy over here, Likes too cheat, or shall I say… COPY ME. Yea! I SAID IT! COPY ME!!!!!

    US Judge: ..and?

    Apple: excuse me what?

    US Judge: you expected another answer or something?

    Samsung: whoa what just happened here?

    US Judge: this is America. You can get away with practically murder here. Have you seen the Casey Anthony crap lately? Just the other day somebody tried to murder her. Look, welcome to the land of criminals

    Samsung: ???

    Apple: wait. But Samsung copied me

    US Judge: whooptie fucking doo. You want a cookie detective?

    Apple: but.. Samsung copied me

    US Judge: I don’t give a rats ass. Congratulations Sammy. You belong in the US. I never seen a crime that amazing

    Apple: but my intellectual property has been copied, therefore harming my sales

    US Judge: Aw. I’m so sorry for that. Its competition dip shit

    Apple: Samsung copied my look and feel

    US Judge: oh he copied your look and feel? Is that right?

    Apple: yeah

    US Judge: you see my face?

    Apple: yeah

    US Judge: do it look like I give a flying fuck? This is your home turf. You suppose to represent us. Not a baby that just got his candy took from him. You know what… case dismissed

    1. I wanted to like this comment but your disrespect towards America makes me want to go invade your favorite country and annihilate your reproductive organs.

      1. Your a funny Guy. Now come to my city. Detroit. to the East side. Jefferson. And say those same words ;)

        1. Jonathan Detroit is shit hole so say whatever you want about America.

          1. America is a shit hole in particular. No need to sell out a particular city

          2. If you dislike our country so much please feel free to immigrate to another country A.S.A.P. As much as some things suck here it is still better than most if not all of the other options… If you have a problem with the way we do things here get involved and try to changes things legally within the framework provided, otherwise please refrain from trolling….

          3. Who said I hated my country?…. oh. I thought so. Nobody. If you haven’t noticed, this is America. You ever heard of the first Amendment? I can say what ever the hell I want. And do whatever I want. Besides, i like the fact we can get away with murder. So. If you will excuse me, I have some trolling to do ;)

  25. Finally, a judge that uses a little bit of common sense in ruling on what I believe is the most ridiculous attempt to keep other companies from legitimately competing (can you say monopoly).  Apple has come up with pretty good ideas on its own, but mostly, it takes someone else’s ideas, throws on a shiny new coat and claims it invented it, then tries to use the legal system to bully competitors into submission.

    I can understand suing someone if they stole proprietary technology, but trying to get injunctions over someone copying your look and feel?  Grow up Apple!  The USA is a capitalist country and, much to your chagrin, it’s perfectly legal for companies to provide similar services and products here  We don’t just like having more than one choice when it comes to products and services, we DEMAND it because the freedom to choose is inherent in our culture.  If it weren’t for freedom of choice, Apple would’ve been dead a long time ago.

    In this country, there is plenty of room for companies to make products or provide services that have similar look and feel.  Need proof?  Next time you’re in the market for a new product – TV, home theatre system, office furniture, stove, fridge, car, house, the list goes on and on – take a few minutes to step back and look at all the different makes and models at your perusal.  Then, after you’ve poured over all the specs and features and come to the point of making a selection, be thankful you live in in a country where you have freedom of choice to buy whatever you like.

    1. Very well said!!!

  26. No one here seems to really understand what the judge said here. She did not say that Samsung is not liable for violating Intellectual Property Laws. What she basically said is that Apple is not entitled to an injunction banning the sale of a competitor’s products. One of the elements to show an entitlement to this relief is that the party requesting the injunction must prove that no other relief would adequately compensate that party. Here, the court is saying that if Apple eventually proves that Samsung violated Apple’s patents, they can be compensated with cash. Therefore, Apple cannot show irreparable harm, and is not entitled to the injunction.

    1. She also went on to say, that she doesn’t think Apple can overcome the challenges to the validity of the patent(s). That’s a pretty significant statement.

  27. I think it’s funny how many believe that Samsung has really won something big. It was a small victory in a war that they basically have been told they will loose.The court stated that 3 of the patents are likely valid and infringed. If your Samsung that’s the last thing you want to hear.The damage is reparable because Samsung can always pay Apple damages. Huge damages. That’s the key…. They have the ability to pay making Apple whole again. Also in the end, if Apple wins, they can get a permanent injunction forcing Samsung to stop selling the devices.

    1. Like I repeated above, the Judge had doubts that Apple can overcome the challenges to the validity of the patents. As I read it some of the patents may have merit, however, that doesn’t mean they can prove validity.  All Samsung has to do is demonstrate prior art and they will most likely be thrown out.

      1. I am sorry… I missed the point where the judge stated that she doubts Apple can overcome the challenges of the validity of the patens. Do you mean one of them or all of them?

        This is how another writer at the Verge summed up the ruling:

        Design Patent D618,677: asserted against Samsung’s Galaxy S and Infuse smartphones.Likely valid.Likely infringed.No irreparable harm to Apple.

        Design Patent D593,087: asserted against Samsung’s Galaxy S and Infuse smartphones.Likely invalid.Likely infringed.No irreparable harm to Apple.

        Design Patent D504,889: asserted against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.Likely invalid in light of Knight Ridder prior art.Likely infringed.Likely irreparable harm to Apple.

        Patent 7,469,381: software patent on scrolling behavior asserted against Samsung’s Galaxy S, Infuse, Droid Charge and Galaxy Tab 10.1.Likely valid. Likely infringed. No irreparable harm to Apple.

        By no irreparable harm they mean that Samsung could compensate Apple with monetary damage settlements.

        1. This is from the Reuters article:In her ruling, Koh wrote that for some of the
          smartphones, “Apple has established a likelihood of success on the
          merits at trial.”Koh added that
          Apple would likely prove Samsung infringed one of its tablet patents.
          However, Apple had not shown that it was likely to overcome Samsung’s
          challenges to the patent’s validity, Koh wrote.—————————————————————————————-The last sentence was what I was referring to. However on closer inspection it was clearly talking about just the tablet patents so I stand corrected.

  28. All Samsung,(with Corning) needs to do is go after Apples claims of having a strong glass. Drop a GS2 and iphone 4s, pick up the GS2 and use it and toss the poor i4s in the garbage with its completely shattered glass.

  29. F Apple!

  30. Haha! Put that in your pipe and smoke it apple!!!

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