ASUS Confirms December 19th Launch For Transformer Prime – Releases New Promo Vid


ASUS Transformer Prime reviews have been flooding the internets this evening (spoiler: everyone loves it) and with that has come an official release date and promo video for the supertablet. Contrary to our earlier post, the ASUS Transformer Prime will, in fact, launch on December 19th — online and in retail outlets — as quickly as they can get them out to stores. No word yet on 3G/4G versions but that’s always a possibility as well. So, enjoy their all new video (and product site) that gives a more in depth look of the Prime and when your friends/family ask what tablet they should get for the holiday season — let this video do the talking.


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  1. It seems like this will be a nightmare to get before XMas if you have not already pre-ordered.  Even then, it will be a PITA will XMas shipping crunches.

    1. Amazon prime!

  2. I’d reeeeeeeally like to get one of these…but I can’t afford it.

    …I’ll be happy with my Galaxy Nexus anyway.

  3. Does anyone know if this tablet will be able to support pc games like World of Warcraft if so it would do amazing with graphics and speed with the quad core action and all!

    1. I mean, it COULD handle WOW with ease but it’s not Windows. WOW isn’t available for Android… yet O_o

      1. I want it to run the new Star Wars game

  4. Drat, so we’ve got to wait another week. Can’t wait to get this tablet! Looks like the first really exciting Android tablet ever.

  5. Does this affect the Dec 5 launch date for Canada?

  6. Is that date for uk ?

    1. Nope. It’s going to release in January for us, last I heard.

  7. Just saw the Benchmarks on anandtech, and the nearly year old ipad 2 slaughtered the transformer prime in gpu power.

    If it was only lower by a few fps, I’d be ok since I’m not anal about a few fps, but this was a butt whopping.

    1. Yeah that’s interesting, I just read it too. I think this is an issue of the android software not yet being optimized for quad-core use. Once the TP gets ICS and adds hardware acceleration I think we can assume the benchmarks for the prime will double.

    2. Only in a few benchmarks, in others the difference is much smaller. Anandtech said before that even if the A5 GPU is fast in benchmarks, real games will still be bound by memory bandwidth, which even for A5 isn’t that impressive. So far I haven’t seen games that look drastically much better on iPad 2 than they do on Tegra 3. In fact I think some of the Tegra 3 ones look better.

  8. This video just finalized my decision to purchase one. Should have the money by launch

    1. I think i’ll be costing you around US$650 including the dock.

  9. man I thought it was confirmed for Dec 9th? Whats the dilly yo!

  10. The tablet truly looks gorgeous. I can’t wait for December 19. 

  11. I really don’t need one because my 1st gen Transformer is more than enough, but after watching that vid, wow, I want one.  

  12. Wow, it’s about time somebody figured out how to do advertising.  Remember the horrible Palm Pre commercials with the creepy vampire girl looking at the phone.  Seems like Palm was trying everything they could think of to run the company into the ground.  Way to go Asus!!  Have the 1st gen xformer and love it but me thinks it might be going on Craigs list soon.  Asus rocks!

    1. That video is not advertising, at least not suitable advertising for a mainstream consumer. It’s all specs and cheesy renderings. It is merely geek porn.

  13. That tablet has some magical powers or something.  I have to have that thing.  And its keyboard.

  14. I want this so badly that it hurts!

  15. Is there a supporting link for the confirmed date? Was it in the video?

  16. Meh, still haven’t seen an Android tablet I liked. Hopefully ICS will remedy the Honeycomb lag. That same lag that the rest of the community kept reassuring me would go away “in the next version” since the Cupcake days. Here we are about to get ICS and quad-core. The “next version” excuse is starting to wear me thin.

    1. I haven’t heard of any lag issues with ICS. All reviews have said it’s very smooth and fast. In fact TheVerge gave it a 10/10 on performance and also a 10/10 on software.

      So from now on if there will be such a problem, it will most likely have to do with the manufacturer’s implementation. A perfect software by itself, implemented poorly on hardware will still not work well.

  17. Damn I thought the 12th. I saw some review videos and didnt see any lag even with live wallpapers and widgets. 

  18. Well if it doesn’t ship til the 19th and I dont get charged til it ships I get to buy the dock too

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