Nov 29th, 2011

According to the New York Times, we may have some new insight on exactly what AT&T has up their sleeves to salvage their acquisition of T-Mobile. Apparently, some unnamed sources told The Times that AT&T is already “knee-deep in negotiations” to sell a good portion of T-Mobile’s customer accounts and some of their spectrum to the regional provider, Leap Wireless. It’s said that AT&T actually plans to keep the majority of T-Mobile’s spectrum to help expand their network and keep them competing with long time rival Verizon Wireless.

This new plan could make alleviate some of the concerns regulators have been having and AT&T’s lawyers believe this places their chances of success at about 70%. So, just how much is Leap Wireless looking to gain from all this? Well, this would actually push them into national territory, taking T-Mobile’s old #4 spot, right underneath Sprint.

If AT&T has their way, long time T-Mobile customers wont have to fear becoming apart of AT&T-Mobile. Instead, you guys could potentially become new Leap Wireless customers.

[Via NewYorkTimes]

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