Deal Alert: Kindle Fire Only $123.38 at Some Target and Walmart Locations? Better Hurry


If you haven’t been having much luck for our Holidroid Contest here at Phandroid (don’t worry, there’s still plenty more chances), you guys might want to jump on this deal before your local Target or Walmart stores shut their doors for the night. Apparently, some users over at Slickdeals have been enjoying some Kindle Fires they were able to pick up for only $123 at some Target locations.

Moral dilemma aside, with a golden tongue and enough evidence at your disposal, you can even find other electronics retailers like Staples or the aforementioned Walmart who are willing to match this incredible deal. Users have been reporting that the deal has been extended through today, so get to downloading the evidence to your Android phone via the source link below and good luck!

[Slickdeals via DroidMatters]

Chris Chavez
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  1. It wasn’t avaialble for that price at any Target or Walmart locations in L.A

  2. This isn’t true. I work for walmart, and after researching this, I found out that this is false.

    1. This is true George. After researching this, I found that this is T-R-U-E

  3. I work in retail…Target Electronics, and sadly you must have an add from a newspaper, local that is, neither Walmart nor Staples will be willing to match the price without the physical ad…sorry guys

  4. Drove to local target…still $199…boo

  5. BACON.

  6. Fishy how the sign on the counter, and receipt have different prices on them.

  7. Chris, speaking of the holidroid contest I asked in the contest section but it was not answered. How are the winners being contacted?

    1. We can see the emails linked to Disqus. So just make sure you have one on your Disqus account. :)

      1. I sign in using google ? Is it linked?

  8. This is true. My wife called the number on the receipt and they said it was only a black Friday sale, but was extended to today.

  9. just called my local target…still being sold for 199.99

  10. This is hilarious that everyone is saying it’s false.  I purchased 5 for Christmas presents at $123.38 from two Walmarts in my area.

    If you look at the Slickdeals thread, you’ll find that at least a hundred users have been successful at getting the pricematch. There’s the link for the thread. Look at all of the receipts and posts about it.

  11. My local target and walmart dont believe me. Dammit lol

    1. I’d show them this post and photo. Tell them to call the phone number.

  12. I was able to get the WM in Clermont, FL to price match one, but that is all they would do for me. I tried to buy all 7 they had in stock. They kept changing their minds on if they would do it or not, I was lucky to get the one I got.

  13. Oh well I think I may be able to convince the wife to get the transformer prime.

  14. Did they just pick the oddest amount of numbers they can to price it or what?

  15. looks photo shopped to me…

  16. Not photoshopped.  I got the deal here in Austin.!/ericlong/status/141357663459098624 

    1. providing your boring twitter account doesn’t make it true.

  17. Tried it as was told that needed an actual ad to price match. said different targets have different special and don’t price match with actual ad. :(

  18. I talked to managers that actually caled the stores, they confirmed it, but they still told me “tough luck”

  19. anyone has an ad that i can use to pricematch at walmart? they might not go for the receipt above since it’s got whiteout all over it lol

  20. This is TRUE!!!! I took the receipt to walmart and got 2 of them for $123!!

  21. Which do you think is better? Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet?

  22. Just tried to get my local walmart to price match from that photo, an was told no dice.  But our local store manager is a douchbag, just saying

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