Online Retailer Claims To Have Verizon Galaxy Nexus For Sale On December 9th


Until we get an official word from Verizon, there’s not much else we can do right except speculate. And speculate we shall! Thanks to a Phantip, it appears as if the online retailer, Negri Electronic, plans to make available the Verizon Galaxy Nexus come December 9th. This information apparently comes directly from their Verizon contact and Negri seems pretty confident on that date. So much in fact, they joked(?) on their Twitter about receiving a possible C&D from Verizon regarding the leaking of that date.

Once again, that December 9th (or 8th) launch date is sounding a little more solid. “Galaxy Nexus watch 2011” continues and when we learn more, you guys will be the first to know.

Thanks, Hilbe!

[Via Twitter]

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  1. I asked them when they get that info, and he replied via DM saying as of yesterday that was the latest update.
    (just fyi)

  2. How is the dec 9 sounding more solid? There is more solid proof for the 8th than their is for the 9th. I mean one online retailer says they will have stock and that supercedes the multiple verizon documents stating the 8th? Ever think maybe they will have it a day later???

    1. it says “we are set to have stock on 12/9” that doesn’t mean that verizon isn’t going to have it in stock on 12/8… and could be shipping to Negri on 12/8

  3. I’ll take it the 8th or the 9th, at this point

  4. Verizon or bust

    1. Seems like even if you go with Verizon, you’ll bust from waiting so long anyway

  5. just keep pushing it until the 29th of December haha 

    also, how come i cant post comment on my android phone?

  6. The sooner VZW gets this out the sooner their exclusive strangle hold ends. I want this phone for T-Mo or AT&T and I would prefer to buy it on this half of the world.

    1. I doubt that the agreement between Verizon and Google/Samsung states that exclusivity ends a certain period of time after the phone is released.  They, more likely, already have a specific deadline set.

  7. Hum, no tax for CA I see.  If the phone is less expensive on their site I may buy from them.

  8. Is this phone ever gonna be released or what. It seems like an eternity

  9. I quit….galaxy contract up in five months. Gonna ride it and get a quad core next spring. That’s it, any gnex news will be skipped by me from here on out…bring on cm9

    1. Yeah, but Verizon will tell you the quads are coming out in the spring. Then you’ll wait until the fall.

  10. i believe the VZW themselves will have it first..maybe a week or few days and than distribute it to places like best buy, costco w/e so maybe an earlier release for Verizon? like the 1st? idk

  11. Someone find some leaks for the HSPA+ version  :( All this Verizon talk is making me nervous 

  12. You guys are amazing.  No patience.  So what if it has been delayed 2 1/2 weeks.  Now, the people that waited months for the Bionic and the SGSII are laughing at you.  The phone will be out within two months of its announcement.  Wow, that sure is an eternity. Who cares if it comes out on the 8th or the 9th.

  13. I find that name of that electronics store to be racist.  Paging Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson!

    1. Jackass.
      Negri means black you idiot.

      1. relax.  i think he was just trying to be funny.

      2. In what language? Not in Spanish. And you totally did not get the joke.

  14. I work for Verizon, and the Samsung rep said the 5th or the 9th. That may mean that we can order them on the 5th and go on sale on the 9th, I’ll post when we get them. I don’t no why everyone cries when they don’t get an oficial release date from Verizon, and say the phones are late because they believe rumors started here!

  15. I am sorry to say but I feel so duped by the way Android device releases are being handled, all the delays, and carrier exclusivity disappointments that I am just over it (GSII!!!). I am sitting with the OG Droid, waiting for ANYBODY to earn my money on a flagship smart phone and its like nobody really wants it!!! So far, the iPhone with its lack of 4G is standing at the top of my list. Both the Rezound and the Razr each have features that I love but that I have to lose out on if I choose either handset. So at this point I am just kind of bitter with Verizon and Android Devices overall.

    Maybe I am to blame for following all the hype and premature “announcements”, expectations and the way we all want “instant satisfaction” in these forums/blogs. When I do that it makes a day feel like a week, and a week feels like a month.

    I would wait another 6 months for a new THIN HTC device to come out, or even better the next iPhone in a year or so, but this DROID is just not doing it for me anymore I HAVE to get rid of it.

    Sorry to vent my frustrations once again and for bringing up the dreaded iWord into the discussion. I am just looking at things for what they really are.

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