HTC Forecasts No Growth In Q4 – Predicts Things Will Pick Up In 2012


HTC, the world’s #4 smartphone manufacturer, has posted their revenue forecast for the fourth quarter of 2011 and strangley, doesn’t see any growth for the rest of this year. HTC has been doing pretty well this year with a 20-30% year-on-year growth and the Taiwanese company did warn of a slower 4th quarter forecasting around $125-$135 billion vs the $135.8 billion from quarter 3.

But it’s not all gloom — the company did forecast that things would pick up in the first half of 2012. We’re expecting HTC to unveil the quad-core HTC Edge next year and if/when this does occur, Android phone fans from all around the world will be the first to get in line.

[Via Reuters]

Chris Chavez
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  1. If the Rezound got more press, maybe their earnings would have been better. It’s a shame. The Rezound, in my opinion, is and will be the best phone for months to come.

    1. Yeah, for my friends and family looking to upgrade RIGHT NOW, I’m telling them go Rezound. Great phone :)

  2. Free tip HTC… Stop releasing phones to T-Mobile exclusively and give us Verizon customers some more love.  Would have loved to have gotten a G2 esque phone on verizon many months ago…

  3. Agreed. Their marketing was ruined by the razr which is just riddled with problems. That’s what happens when you don’t go with a droid branded name on Verizon. Pathetic. I’ve never owned a better phone than the Rezound.

  4. Interesting plugs for the rezound. Why so much love and will it remain after the nexus is out?

  5. The only htc phones that Sprint ever gets are the evo line.  I want a true htc device that is made from uni body aluminum. Dont just give them to Tmobile.  Htc in my opinion makes the best phones out.  And the stupid Nexus Prime is taking away from everything. The only good thing is android 4.0 which i can live without for a few months.  There is to much hype for that phone.  Js

  6. With the junk they have been releasing they should be at the bottom. I have purchased 6 HTC phones in the past. Jumping ship. HTC you have lost your way. BTW stop spying on your customers!!!

  7. I have an Evo. But I have several problems with HTC: their shitty battery life, non-super AMOLED screens, thick phones, locked bootloader, and their sense bloatware.

    I love their designs, but when I upgrade my Evo, I actually want it to feel like I upgraded besides having dual-core. That’s why I’m taking my business to Samsung.

    1. +1
      exactly. All Htc does now is refresh the desire-esque model over and over again. And because they don’t have the technology screen is miles behind likes of Samsung and others and phone gets thicker with better hardware…they just don’t have the technology to cram the latest components into a premium slim phone.

  8. According to what I read the other day on some financial site, this news is off. They in fact lowered their Q4 earnings forcast to something like 105 billion, not the 125-135 billion dollars quoted in this piece, and this was the third time that they revised this number downward in the past few weeks.

  9. No SuperAMOLED no HD resolution screen crappy battery life.

    Not surprised.

    On a serious note: my friends who own htc comes over and the first thing they say is “wow you’re screen is really bright/colourful”

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